Snow Day. Snow Kidding.

On my to-do list:

1) Buy a new Clarisonic brush head. It’s really, really time.

2) Laundry. And if not laundry, then a trip to Target for new underwear.

3) BLOG.

Because it’s a snow day and ice skating to the local Sephora and/or Target is no easy feat, I’ll try to knock out number three on the list. So welcome to my blog. Written for my sister’s amusement. Named after my car. Hosted by a quasi-adult named Kat Williamson.

This week, Middle Tennessee experienced a side of winter it is not so familiar with. I believe the weather channel called it a “wintery mix.” Sounds like festivity; feels like snow. It’s funny, snow truly brings out the worst and best in life. Let’s dig into that a little more, shall we?


Power outages, windshield scrapings, busted water pipes, the ever-so-humbling falling on ice fiascos…the list could go on, but let’s stop there.


Meeting new neighbors while you bond over the hell that is scraping ice off a windshield, spontaneously receiving a day to stay at home and park it on the couch, watching people’s concern for the safety of others (wish this happened regardless of the weather), drinking copious amounts of coffee to warm yourself from the inside, playing in the snow like a 10-year-old (see below for further clarification).






 (Listening to “Hello My Old Heart” by The Old Hellos)

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