Arrivederci, Nashville (Year 3)

And with this, our farewell tour of Nashville comes to a close. Eat your heart out on year 3…

IMG_0552 copy
The “thank you” card.


January 1, 2015
Well hello, 2015. I bought this card especially for you. Just kidding. I bought this card to send as a “thank you” to my sister’s boyfriend for the Christmas candle he gave me. Somehow the manly fisherman in the Bill Cosby sweater seemed more appropriate than a traditional thank you card with flowers or something. But, I forgot my journal at work today and really wanted to write one last entry before moving on to my new one, so I searched my room for something paper-y that could be turned into a makeshift journal. Sadly, I only came across old wrapping paper and this card, so… sorry, Matt (but I really do appreciate the Anthropologie candle).
It’s slightly past midnight, and the new year is here. When looking back on 2014, I’m not too sad to see it go. It was a tough one. Good, though, in the “that was probably a good thing for me to go through” kind of way. I learned a lot. God was faithful. I grew, and for that, I’m thankful. Still, I barely crossed the finish line this year. In fact, I think I crawled past the finish line. And my parents were on either side of me trying to push me along. And Jesus Himself had to give me CPR at one REALLY spotty point near the end. The 2014 race was obviously quite the team effort, and it was not always fun for my spectators. (OK, I think I’ve taken the race metaphor as far as it could go. Dropping it now.)
In reality, there was a rather pathetic phone conversation with my mama yesterday where I cried because adulthood is unfair and stupid, and Nashville frustrates me. Sweet Cindy Lynn said, “It’s gonna get better, Love.” To which I tearfully replied, “You promise?” I know, I’m a big ol’ 25 year old baby. But the last two and a half years…they’ve been hard. I’m actually embarrassed to admit the above exchange between my mom and me is not infrequent in our conversations. Now, I don’t think adulthood will ever be a piece of cake. I know the Bible too well to believe that! But I do feel I’m not quite where I belong right now. So, without further adieu, I give you my big news for 2015:
I’m moving to TEXAS!
This is what we call a cliff hanger, ladies and gents. Please proceed to the next journal documenting 2015 to find out more. But I’ll leave you with this: in the good, the bad, and the UGLY, God, You are faithful. I love You and I trust You. Thank You for 2014. You are Lord. I give You 2015.

Funny, but I remember writing that “I’m moving to TEXAS!” line and thinking, I wonder if I’ll actually move? At that point, I was pretty 50/50 on the idea. In case you want to see my inner turmoil about the decision, just read a few blogs ago where I dive into that mess. But hey, six months later, I am actually moving to Dallas, so that’s kind of neat.

And this is what year 3 looked like…

I should probably clarify that the above picture was from a gender reveal party for my pals, Julie and Brady. Kaitlin and I remain baby-less (phew).

IMG_6404 10447622_10203151338800685_3032954715557512012_nunnamed-1

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

IMG_7776 IMG_8924

IMG_9228 IMG_9772

Bye, Nash.

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