Patience and My Lack Thereof

Moving has taught me a lot of things about myself—that I’m brave, that I can be insecure, that I’m really not that special and also uniquely special all at the same time. But the biggest realization thus far is that I’m seriously lacking in the patience department.

Sure, I’m a patient gal when it comes to waiting in line at the grocery store (quality magazine reading time) and hanging out in traffic (quality phone talking time). I’ve learned that you often  have to grin and bear it when it comes to dealing with people—that’s just part of being a well-adjusted adult. But, I’ve noticed there’s one person I’m not very patient with since setting out on this Dallas adventure: myself.

I expected to move here and succeed. But, things take time. I’m still job hunting, still church hopping, still friend meeting. Things are happening, but they’re taking their sweet time. It’s tempting to listen to that voice inside my head that says, “You’re a loser, Kat Williamson. That’s why you can’t find a job or feel settled here. You just aren’t enough.” If I’m being honest, I believe that voice more often than not.

So I’m trying something new. I’m showing myself the same grace I would show others. I’m learning to be patient with myself and take each day as a win. A job, home, friends, and church will all happen eventually, so here’s to sitting back and enjoying the ride.

                                            New Dallas friend, what whattttt


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