Friday Favorites.

As always, Friday is the MVP of the week.


That’s right, my friends, you’ve survived another week.

Before you go paint the town red, check out some of my Friday favorites!

  1. This nail color is my summer jam.
  2. Love this interview from The Everygirl. Dallas + flea markets…two very good things in my book.
  3. Coolest $12 shades in town.
    (Hint for the thrifty: they are cheaper in-store than they are online!)
  4. Kombucha. Still not 100% sure what this stuff is, but I like it and my health-nut friend swears it’s good for me.
  5. Got a kick out of this article. An ode to Netflix, shared accounts, and a breakup.
  6. A $10 dress that will make you feel like a million bucks.Dress
    (Again, found this dress to be way cheaper in store than online. Oh, and give it a good ol’ wash & dry before wearing it—the fit will be better!)
    Now, go enjoy that weekend to the fullest!

    Currently listening to “The Scientist” by Willie Nelson

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