Friday Favorites.

It’s Friday, and the living should be easy.

…Well, the living should be easy for everyone except your’s truly who will be chaperoning a middle school lock-in from 8pm tonight until 8am tomorrow morning. PRAY FOR ME. (Or, more accurately, pray for the middle school students who will have to encounter sleepless and grumpy Kat Williamson.)


Let’s chat about some favorites from this week, shall we?

  1. Caitlin Wilson’s home tour. I have been a fan of Caitlin Wilson’s designs for a good, long while, so it was a real treat to stumble upon her home tour on Style Me Pretty. You better believe that gorgeous home of hers is loaded with all the buffalo check in the world.
  2. We’re gonna call this a combo favorite of a) new friends; and b) Moscow Mules. Let me explain. I am a creature of habit. When I find a restaurant, TV show, or even friend that I love, I tend to stick with it. Because if you’ve found a great thing, why try something new? Well, due to a series of friends moving, relationships changing, and even just pesky ol’ summer vacations, I realized that my tried-and-true friend group was mostly gone (even if only temporarily). So this week I’ve gotten a serious lesson in friend making. There are so many awesome girls who I’ve meant to reach out to throughout the past few months, but just haven’t had a chance. This week, I decided to change that. Hanging out with new friends can feel awkward at times, but I’ve always found it to be well worth the effort. Plus, I got to have happy hour Moscow Mules not once but TWICE this week. Amen.
  3. The Olympics are next week…enough said.
  4. I’m a Domino Magazine gal on an Ikea budget. So naturally, I was pumped to see this article. That little brass light is my favorite.
  5. Peach season. Complete transparency: I probably eat a peach a day. I honestly just love them so. And I’ll be trying this easy peach pie recipe this weekend.
  6. Delcluttering. Because sometimes, you look at the pile of books under your bed and have to say, “Listen, I love you, but this apartment is not big enough for the two of us.”
  7. Prayer, and as a byproduct, praise. This is a weird one, huh? A man from my church is doing a 6-week discussion on prayer, and this week we talked about the importance of praise in our lives. Isn’t it interesting that praise sounds like something we do for God, but in reality, we as worshippers gain so much from it. I’ve been convicted this week that often my prayers are selfish. They are wish-lists, having nothing to do with God and everything to do with me. I’m thankful for a much needed change in perspective and also for the freedom I have to worship and commune with the living God.

Enjoy your weekend, you crazy kids. Oh, and enjoy your sleep tonight…for me…as I will not be getting any.

Currently listening to “Time to Pretend” by MGMT

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