Year One.

Well, folks, I made it 1 year in the Big D.


I remember driving my CR-V down I-30 this time last year, and, though knowing I was heading in the right direction (quite literally and also figuratively), I also remember wishing I knew how my life in Dallas would work out.

Could I make Dallas my home? Would I find a career? Community? A husband? Would I live in Dallas forever, or would this be a temporary stay? What kind of person would Dallas help me become? Would I like that person? Would I find new favorite restaurants and places? Would the ridiculously hot summers kill me dead? 

Though my life is completely different today than it was on August 8th a year ago, in many ways I still have the same questions, same fears, same general feelings of wandering.

Don’t get me wrong, it has been an all-star year. I feel at home here; I love my apartment, friends, and church; I live near family and familiar places. Overall, life in Dallas has been sweet. But I think there is some beauty in realizing that, as good as things can be here, this city—this earth, really—is still just a resting place until I get to Heaven one day.


Truth be told, my last week of this first year in Dallas has been a bit hairy. I was hoping it would be a celebration of thankfulness and joy, but go figure, it turned out to be my least favorite week of the 52. Last night, when feeling particularly down, I flipped open my Bible and saw this written besides a familiar passage:


Ain’t that the truth? God is always good. It’s part of His character.

God was good in giving me a church home, people and places I love, and a job I’ve always wanted to try. God was also good in giving me some tough situations to deal with this past year. God is just good.

And that fact helps me not be so scared of those questions I was wondering about last year and still don’t know the answer to today. I’m not expected to know how things will turn out, but my prayer for this next year is that I do my best to simply trust and obey.

So, one year in, here are some of my favorite things about one of my favorite cities:

Favorite Dallas park: White Rock Lake (duh)

Favorite Dallas breakfast: Benny’s Bagels or Smoke

Favorite place to pray in Dallas: The kids courtyard next to my church


Favorite Dallas happy hour hang: Truck Yard

Favorite downtown building: The green one (actual name. just kidding. I don’t know the real name.)images

Favorite Dallas streets: Abrams Street, Vanderbilt Ave, and Lakewood Blvd

Favorite Dallas taco: Good 2 Go Taco


Favorite moment in Dallas this year: I had a really sweet moment at church a few weeks ago. I was walking through the sanctuary, saying hi to friends—of whom included singles, families, middle schoolers, an elder—and I felt very much at home. It was a subtle moment, but special nonetheless.

Favorite song that reminds me of this past year in Dallas: I think “Dime Store Cowgirl” by Kacey Musgraves wins title of the year in round one for Dallas.

Thankful for year one; ready for year two. Adventure awaits!


Currently listening to “You Are My Sunshine” by Johnny Cash

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