Friday Favorites.

Another Friday; another recap of favorites from the week.


This week was rainy and Olympic-filled. Two things I dearly longed for a few weeks ago, and now I’m this close to saying I’ve had my fill of both. Don’t get me wrong, watching synchronized swimming while it rains outside isn’t a terrible life, but my body is starting to crave a little more activity and sunshine.

  1. That being said, a reprieve from the crazy hot weather was one of my favorite things this week.
  2. This article made me laugh. I’ve always wondered why Olympic gymnasts still wear slicked back ponies with scrunchies…
  3. I lived in Springfield, Missouri for two years back in the ol’ middle school days. There was just something about that town… it seemed small and simple upon first read, but it was actually quite complicated under the surface. This week I stumbled upon an article that features Julie Blackmon, a photographer who takes snapshots of everyday life in Springfield. The author of this feature describes Blackmon’s depiction of Springfield perfectly: “At first glance, the images seem idyllic, like modern-day Norman Rockwell paintings. Yet underneath, there is something slightly askew — details just a little bit off that both highlight and satirize the conflicting expectations of parenting.”
  4. My sister was in town last weekend, and can we all just say a big AMEN for sister relationships being the greatest?

    Don’t mind the grass. Self-timers can only do so much…
  5. And while we’re talking about people that make Kat Williamson happy, let’s not forget these two friends…
    Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
    Hanging with friends you can be yourself around is a definite favorite of mine.
  6. Check out this beauty that arrived in my mailbox the other day…
    Maid of Honor
    Wedding season is coming up for me this fall—woo hoo! So excited to stand beside dear friends as they marry their men.

Peace, friends.

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