Friday Favorites.

It’s Friday, y’all. Celebrate like you’re Pam + Jim.


Here’s a roundup of my favorites from this week:

  1. Cheeky doormats are my go-to birthday gift for friends. West Elm has some particularly cute ones. (Who doesn’t want a doormat that says “Hey, good lookin'”?) But, if those are a little out-of-budget for you, check out this doormat tutorial. With a little DIY power, you can create your own doormat that reflects your spunky personality to guests and UPS guys alike.
  2. The youth staff from my church “retreated” last week, and it was a ball. We were loaned a lake house and given free time to just chill and get to know each other. Basically, our days looked like this: yoga pants + tons of coffee + snacks galore + no makeup + dear friends. Not bad, eh?Staff Retreat
  3. This past Saturday, a dream came true. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I finally attended a Coldplay concert and it was absolute perfection. I’ve been what I can only think to call a “super fan” since 7th grade, so when the chance came last February to purchase tickets, I went for it (thank you, former Marketing salary, for making this possible). I’ve never spent so much moolah on a concert ticket, but it was worth every penny. At one point, I was mere yards away from Chris Martin, and I 100% teared up during both “The Scientist” and “Till Kingdom Come.” So there you go. I’m a Coldplay freak and proud of it.
  4. Woven Lights. Maybe these lights are no more than strange hanging baskets to most people, but I recently saw a gorgeous woven chandelier in a restaurant and couldn’t deny the warmth and unique beauty it brought to the environment. In the most timely fashion, Domino Mag recently had an online article about these conversation pieces. Made my love for them all the more deep. What do you think? I’d definitely put a woven light in my hypothetical house.
  5. Christmas music. Lest you think I’ve lost my mind, I am actually aware that it is early September and not at all time to start caroling. Still, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “O Holy Night,” and “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” have been on repeat in my apartment. Oddly enough, I’ve been feeling pretty down about summer ending, but these sweet tunes build the anticipation for the seasons to come.
  6. Now that my parents live in Little Rock, Arkansas, I feel like my education on the Clinton family has grown two-fold. Not sure if you’re aware, but that little ol’ Clinton fam is a pretty big deal in The Natural State. That being said, this article was interesting to me. A few of the previous Clinton homes mentioned are in neighborhoods I run through when home visiting my mom and dad. Very cool. Also, I found the evolution of their lifestyle incredible…quite the change from their first casa to last, don’t you think?
  7. Bookshelf inspiration. I saw this article on Apartment Therapy and it gave me serious bookshelf jealousy. Those who know me know I love my books. Sadly, I also happen to be in the stage of life where I move just about every year—if not to a new town, at least to a new locale. Books are the absolute worst to lug around, so I don’t have the luxury of collecting/hoarding hundreds of books at this point in my life. But someday I WILL have walls full of books and it will be grand.
  8. And finally, Husker football is back this weekend. Let’s hope for a better season this time around. #GBR

    Oh, college. I miss you still.

That’s it! Enjoy your last summer weekend, friends.

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