Friday Favorites.

FYI: I don’t endorse smoking, but I do endorse Janet Hill Studio art.

Ok, the title’s a fraud. It’s totally Thursday night as I type this. But I’ve got to jot down my favorites now because I’ll be driving to Little Rock to watch these ladies sing some tunes tomorrow…1464834192908
Oh, the Dixie Chicks. I don’t care how uncool I am for loving them (or how unpatriotic), I will forever be a fan.

Here are my favorites from this week:

  1. This may seem like a silly story, but one of my favorite things from this past week was getting my bridesmaid dresses altered. I’m in a few weddings this fall and one of my bridesmaid dresses just really did not fit. (The first time I tried it on, I could take it off without even unzipping it.) I panicked when I found out that it was too late to reorder the dress and frantically searched online to find an alterations company in Dallas. I scribbled down the name and address of the first store that popped up and went in to see if they could fix the issue. Turns out, the store is a one-man shop run by the sweetest lady named Eta. Eta, a Transylvanian immigrant, is one of those wonderful souls who calls you “darling” and makes you feel like a dear old friend…all while fixing your clothing woes. I later found an article from the Dallas Morning News about Eta, which made me love her all the more. (Oh, and she definitely remedied the bridesmaid dress crisis of 2016. Phew.)
  2. While we’re on the topic of bridesmaid dresses, I am beyond excited to be Maid of Honor in my best friend Bailey’s wedding this fall. I glanced at her wedding website for the first time today, and her description of our friendship made me smile…

    “My cool Texan bestie. One of those rare souls you find who’s the same kind of weird as you. Kat & I met in college and lived together for 2 years. I envy her wisdom, her spunk, and her fashion sense.”

    It’s true. We are kindred spirits who are the same kind of weird. Can’t wait to stand beside her on her big day.

  3. My sister Sarah sent me this article from NY Mag about the positive effects of journaling on one’s health/mood. As a lifelong journaler, I’d say they’re on to something. I definitely feel better when I have time to process things on paper—don’t you? So do your body good and write something today!
  4. Yesterday, my talented friend Shiloe used me as a model to test out her new camera lens. Tyra Banks, I am not. Still, it was a fun afternoon with a fun kid.
  5. I came to the sad realization this week that I’m either going to have to start eating healthier or buy bigger pants. Since I’m on a ministry budget, looks like eating healthy wins. So, I’m drawing inspiration from this article, which helps you not only shrink your waistline but your food budget as well.
  6. And finally, I’ve become obsessed with monograms as of late. But not monograms as you would see on sorority girls’ yeti cups; I’m talking heirloom monograms. The good stuff. I think this new obsession is due in part to a visit in The Lovelist store here in Dallas. Their delicate hankies will have you swooning and scheming to get your initials on every possible thing you own.

Peace + blessings, all!

Currently listening to “HAPPINESS” by NEEDTOBREATHE

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