Friday Favorites.

It’s Friday! Let the wild rumpus start!


Here are my favorite finds from this week:

  1. This week I became obsessed with Mari Andrew‘s illustrations after stumbling upon one on A Cup of Joe. They are hilarious and often relevant to my 26-year-old self. These four especially caught my eye…

    No joke, someone asked me the other day what I was looking for in a man and I said, “The two J’s: Jesus and a job.” So, Mari really nailed the 26-28 dream BF.

    My girlfriends and I are so guilty of meticulously splitting the restaurant tabs. Waiters HATE us. 
  2. These days, carrying my laptop around is simply a necessity. Feels like I’m a college kid again…but alas, I am not and I definitely feel like I’ve outgrown my backpack stage of life. So, I’ve started shopping around for a fun tote to help lug around my valuables while still making me feel like a grown lady. Cue some serious contenders:











I’m leaning towards the first one because A) it’s cute; and B) it’s cheap. But I’m not completely sold. If you’re a fellow tote-er, what do you look for in such a bag?
3. Remember those weddings I was telling you about last week? Well, I started writing my Maid of Honor speech and it’s a tougher task than I anticipated. So far, this is all I have…
Needless to say, I’ve got some writing to do. But good grief, it’s hard to be sweet and sincere, while not overly gushy or straight up boring. I found a helpful article from Glamour Mag that walks you through successful M.O.H. speeches, but I definitely have a ways to go before I’m ready for my 1-on-200 conversation with a room full of strangers. …Still, I stand by my first (and only) sentence that I have so far: everyone really does need a Bailey in their life. 
4. Last Friday, I road tripped to Little Rock, Arkansas to watch the Dixie Chicks sing their hearts out with my mom, aunt, and uncle. We sang every word to “Goodbye Earl” and danced like fools. Could there be anything more fun?
(Also, I think it should be acknowledged that Martie Robinson, the violinist in the trio, had the most toned and beautiful arms I’ve ever seen…which I guess makes sense, due to all the violin-ing. Ok, moving on.)

It was a short and sweet trip to Little Rock—less than 24 hours! But, isn’t it funny how sometimes that’s all you need to feel refreshed? There are times when I wish my parents lived closer to me, but I’m also glad that they’re a few hours away because it really feels like a retreat when I go home.

Coffee and a new book on my parents’ porch Saturday morning. 
A lovely neighborhood farmer’s market that I ran by. I think the word for this is QUAINT. 
This is just a pretty Little Rock house that I passed on my run. Again with the quaint, am I right?

5. And finally, a lovely home tour from a cool interior designer in Austin. I think the pastels in her home are straight-up dreamy and how ’bout that front door?

Enjoy the weekend. Do something crazy.

Currently listening to “Something Beautiful” by Andrea Marie

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites.

  1. Those illustrations are hilarious!

    Excited to hear your speech!

    I love that you live close enough to your parents that you can make quick trips there!
    And now I’m singing Goodbye Earl. It’s a wonder I know that song considering it wasn’t on the WOW 2000 cd.


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