Friday Favorites.


Hello friends. Hello Friday. Hello fall.

Here are my favorites from this ridiculously hot September week:

  1. Pink doors. There’s a little boutique in Dallas with the prettiest pastel pink front door, which led me to look around the world wide web (read: Pinterest) for more pink door inspiration. Check out this beauty below.
    Pink may be a little too feminine for most people, but I like that it’s different and adds a touch of whimsy to otherwise plain homes. (This “favorite” is dedicated my color-loving mama who once painted our front door purple.)
  2. Last week, a few friends and I checked out Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art. I had been to the DMA before, but our group went truly late (10:30 pm!) and had the museum to ourselves—so much better for leisurely perusing.

    This was my favorite piece. It was also the piece that made my friend Carlton say, “How is this art?” To each his own, I suppose.
  3. This is what I like to call living vicariously through my friends. My friend Kendall was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune this past week—how cool is that? We had a watch party and it was so fun to not only see a pal on TV, but also to hear all the insider secrets from Kendall.
  4. Did you watch “This is Us” on NBC this week? As my friends and family know, I have been mourning the loss of “Parenthood” since the series finale in 2015. Well, “This is Us” may just fill the gap that “Parenthood” left in my life. #DramaQueenKat #ButItReallyWasGood #YouShouldWatchIt
  5. This week I’ve been feeling super grateful for my co-workers. These people are gifts. Weird, weird gifts.
    staff girls.JPG
  6. I experienced a good dose of FOMO last fall when Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s southern inspired boutique, opened a store in Nashville—smack dab in my former neck of the woods. But good new: Reese just opened a second Draper James location right here in Dallas! I stopped in for a minute this week and I wanted everything. Especially this “Howdy” print…
    (Fun fact: I always say that my spirit animal would be a mix of Reese Witherspoon and Emma Stone.)
  7. Bridesmaid dress update: picked up both from the seamstress yesterday and they fit perfectly. Phew! I’m ready for you, weddings.

    The dress that formerly could be taken off without unzipping now fits like a CHAMP.
  8. And finally, I have been loving my 5th grade Bible study this fall. The girls are talkative, sweet, and full of joy. Best hour of my week.

Happy first weekend of fall and may your alma mater’s football team win by a landslide tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites.

  1. What a pretty bridesmaid dress!
    Also, I totally watched that episode of Wheel of Fortune! (We’re weird. Kyle and I watch it almost every night. We try to solve the puzzle before the contestants and each other. And we may or may not have a note on his phone keeping score. And I may or may not be winning).


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