My Best Friend’s Wedding.

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This is the story of my best friend’s wedding (not to be confused with the sub-par 90’s chick flick that featured the ever lovable Julia Roberts).

I met Bailey my freshman year of college at a winter conference with Campus Crusades for Christ…an event that I was less than enthusiastic to attend because it was smack-dab in the middle of my Christmas break. But, it was in the beautiful city of Denver, so I decided to give it a go. Little did I know that I would meet one of my dearest friends that week. I remember thinking that Bailey was sweet and gentle.

Well, two years later, we became roommates and I found out that, though she is sweet, she’s also goofy and fun, relatable and genuine, strong and loyal. Everyone needs a Bailey in their life.

To showcase what a good person and friend she is, I will tell you one of my favorite Bailey stories (that also happens to be one of my most embarrassing moments in life). I moved to Nashville after graduating from college and began working as a production editor at a publishing company. That first week on the job was absolutely overwhelming (I have a clear memory of calling my sister and saying something to the degree of “How did I get this job? I’m not even 100% sure how to use a semicolon.”), and it also happened to be the week of my 23rd birthday.

Bailey called me the night before my birthday and asked me how I planned to celebrate. Since I had no friends in Nashville yet, I think I responded with something like, “I’ll probably get Pei Wei takeout and bake myself a cake.” Bailey felt sorry for my pathetic self, so she decided to take matters into her own hands by calling the human resource department at my company and saying, “My best friend just moved to Nashville. Her birthday is tomorrow, and she doesn’t know anyone. Please make sure someone tells her happy birthday.”

Bailey’s message was forwarded to my publishing director’s inbox, who then told everyone on my floor something like: “It’s the new girl’s birthday. She has no friends. Please stop by office 402 and tell her happy birthday.”

So, throughout the day, I had tons of new co-workers come by and wish the “girl with no friends” happy birthday. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty mortifying. But, how many people would call up human resources just to make sure their friend is acknowledged on her birthday? Not many. That Bailey is one special cookie.

A few years ago, Bailey mentioned that she was going on a date with Jared (her now husband). I had heard Jared’s name a few times, but only in a friendship context up to that point. I was excited about this relationship, though, because I knew he was a kind, humble man who loved Jesus. And when I first met Jared a year ago, I knew he was the right guy for my gal.

It’s apparent when you’re around Bailey and Jared that they are better together than they are on their own. They both love the Lord deeply, and together, they serve Him through their words and actions. I’m overjoyed for them and am excited to support and pray for them as they navigate married life.

So, here’s to Bailey and Jared.

(Also, that was my maid of honor speech, in case you couldn’t tell…)

Waiting for my Uber driver in Dallas. Wearing fall clothes to fit Nebraska weather. Sweating like a pig.
The blushing bride herself! I got some quality solo time with Bailey on Thursday, which was fun and special. We got our eyebrows threaded, bought Bai some wedding night lingerie (I was WAY out of my league with this M.O.H duty), and ate our fill of Nebraska-style Tex Mex.
We made a pitstop before the rehearsal dinner at the boutique I worked at in college—this place taught me the value of having strong interpersonal skills when dealing with customers and strong folding skills when dealing with clothes.
And while at said boutique, I couldn’t pass up some $10 fringe stilettos.
Rehearsal dinner!
My bachelorette gift for Bailey. The southerner in me just had to have her new initials monogramed on her robe.
Bailey gave each of her bridesmaids these super cute clutches (which actually worked out perfectly because I forgot my clutch at home in Texas).
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It’s wedding day!
This visual goes out to my mom…the only person who would be interested in seeing a bird’s eye view of my up-do.
And another angle of the hair for Cindy Williamson’s viewing pleasure.
The loveliest bride. Oh, and you see those buttons…I clasped those bad boys. Harder job than one would think.
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The wedding party was SO FUN. I knew most of the bridesmaids (and two were besties from college—score!), but I didn’t know any of the groomsmen/ushers. Turns out, they were super fun and laid back. We bridesmaids approved.


#collegefriends #glorydays
The most special title I’ve ever been given.

Bailey and Jared’s wedding—and love—is simply one for the books. Congratulations, McCoskeys!

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