Friday Favorites.

It’s a Friday in October… you should be feeling pretty good right now.


What are your weekend plans? Mine include the State Fair of Texas, a fall party, and a whole lot of TV/book catching up to do. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Here are my favorites from the week:

  1. I loved this list of the 40 books every woman should read by 40. I’ve read many of the suggested titles, but still have a ways to go before getting through all 40 books. I’m a lover of biographies, so Katharine Graham’s memoir “Personal History” particularly caught my eye.
  2. I turned 27 on Monday. And for the first time ever, I felt pretty blah about my birthday. According to the world wide web, a negative view of 27 isn’t all that strange (Exhibit A and Exhibit B). But you know what? I’m bound and determined to make this year a good one. Please stay tuned until next fall when I write a blog about why 27 is actually the best year of life.
  3. I saw this New Orleans home tour on Apartment Therapy (I love her extra-long kitchen table), and have since developed an obsession with all things NOLA. How have I never been to this cool city? I foresee a road trip in my near future and I’m using these two blog posts (here and here) as my travel guides.
  4. Life has been the best kind of busy lately, but even fun busy can wear a girl out. Yesterday, I took a few hours off of my part-time job and went for a long run at White Rock Lake. I love WR—it’s pretty, it’s peaceful, it reminds me of being a kid, it’s where my parents fell in love (another story for another time)…it’s just a gift. Way to be great, White Rock Lake.
    Well, guys, I’ve got to run. It’s time for me to have my annual date with Big Tex. We’ll eat some fancy-schmancy corn dogs and make eyes at each other on the ferris wheel. Aren’t you jealous?

Currently listening to “Home to Me” by Josh Kelley

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