Friday Favorites.


Hi, and happy Friday.

Let’s dive into some favorites from this week, shall we?

  1. I get a bad rap at work for being the resident “girly girl” in the office. At first I was super offended by that title because I’ve always associated girly with high maintenance—which I’m not! But I’ve begun to come to terms with it, because HECK, there are worse things to be, am I right? That being said, I often subconsciously downplay my love for girly things among peers, but then I see something like the trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and I lose all cool. I cannot lie, I cried a little the first time I watched it.
    Sometimes you just have to lean in to your God-given personality…and mine is apparently one that is girly + emotionally driven when watching trailers for cheesy and beloved television shows.
  2. I took the plunge and bought a new plant yesterday.
    treeHere’s to hoping this little guy does better than my last plant (who lasted a grand total of 4 months under my care).
  3. A sad, but important article for female runners.
  4. Check out the home tour of our favorite Laguna Beach resident. Her space is lovely and relaxed, plus I think she’s just cool. Loved the quote: “I think people tend to feel married to the first career decision they’ve made and they feel stuck with it, and I think it’s okay to say, You know what? That’s not for me—I’m going to try something else.”

Alrighty, that’s it for me. I’m off to find a halloween costume that’s fun yet suitable for a 27 year old woman (more challenging than it sounds).

Currently listening to “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett

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