Friday Favorites.

Praise the good Lord, we made it to Friday.



Ever had one of those weeks where everything just feels hard? That’s how my week has been—good, but exhausting. Thankfully, this weekend is fairly laid-back for me. Hoping for a restful weekend for you as well!

Let’s jump into some favorites, shall we?

  1. Have you seen these illustrations of “real love” before? I’m such a fan of the sweet images—especially these three…
  2. This past weekend was full of Halloween parties. These two ladies were my party dates…

    Funny story. While in an Uber to one of the Halloween parties, we saw this ridiculously decorated house. Our Uber driver stopped the car and said, “Get out. We’re taking pictures.” So we did.
  3. I’m normally not one to brag, but this news is too good to keep to myself: I, Kat Williamson, am a CHILI COOK-OFF CHAMPION. I shall be basking in this win for as long as possible because, let’s be honest, it’s unlikely I’ll ever win a cooking competition again. Not sure how I did it, but let it be known that I am the chili queen at Park Cities Presbyterian Church and darn proud of it. Oh, and my chili’s name was “A Chileague of its Own.”

    My award winning white chicken chili in all its glory.
  4. Well, folks, daylight savings time is upon us. Boo. I’m all about the extra hour of sleep on Sunday, but not as excited about losing the sunshine in my day.

Have a wonderful, restful weekend. This chili queen sure will.

Currently listening to “Farther from Familiar” by Joshua Wicker

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