Friday Favorites.

It’s Friday and it’s freezing (she types while sitting as close to her heater vent as humanly possible).

What are you up to this weekend? My first weekend of 2017 looks blissfully boring. I’ve got a babysitting job, a brunch, and that’s about it. One of my main goals of 2017 was to do less. Weird, right? Most people’s resolutions are to do more, but I left 2016 feeling so overwhelmed. Simply put, I said yes to way too many things and I was feeling the burn out. I’m not a college kid anymore and rest is becoming more and more of a necessity. For that reason, I’m adopting this mantra for 2017:

“I’m not too good for that, but I am too old for it.”

(Many thanks to the hilarious Gillian Ard for that little nugget of wisdom.)

Anyhow, let’s talk favorites, shall we?

  1. STRANGER THINGS. Oh my. How did it take me so long to get into this show? I finished the first season yesterday and have so many thoughts. One being that I love the character Dustin with all my heart. If I could have a pocket-sized Dustin to carry around with me all day, I would be a happy lady. Also, I found this article about Dustin’s (aka: Gaten Matarazzo’s) disability interesting.
    f4715fdd71d2c30c2bc103d107636c6b.jpgI’m also joining the “Barb deserves justice” camp. I had a “Barb” situation happen to me in college (friend forces me to go to a party; friend ditches me for boy; friend doesn’t care that I’m suddenly alone and stranded at said party). I distinctly remember how miserable it felt to be used by that friend, but SHOOT at least I wasn’t eaten by a monster afterwards! Poor Barb experienced the ever-annoying saying of when it rains, it pours to the most terrible degree. Here’s to hoping they somehow bring the gal back to life in season two.

    Apparently a mega-fan made “Justice for Barb” pins. Not sure I care that much, but A+ for effort.
  2. Have you heard about the new years trend of writing down one thing you’re grateful for every week in 2017 and then re-reading your notes at the end of the year? I love this idea and am going to try to remember to do this every week.
  3. Last weekend a bunch of friends and I went to Sweetwater, Texas to celebrate New Years ranch-style. I shot a gun, rode a mule (not of the animal variety, thank goodness), and fed a cow…it was all very “Texas” and awesome.
    The ranchers (minus a few)
    I was such a terrible shot. I mean, TERRIBLE. Not my calling at all.
    Check out that sunset!

    Texas FOREVA.

Alrighty, you kids have fun this weekend! Don’t freeze out there!

Currently listening to “Love on the Weekend” by John Mayer

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites.

  1. Yay for saying no to things in 2017! That’s mine, too!!! And I also like the idea of writing down one thing I’m grateful for each week! Miss you!!!


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