Friday Favorites.

It’s Friday, folks.

Love me some Blanche and Dorothy. For fellow Golden Girls fans: Netflix is releasing all the seasons this Spring!

Here’s what happened this week…

  1. Mary Tyler Moore died this week, and I could not be more sad. I first fell in love with The MTM Show over Christmas break during my freshman year of college (when complete boredom led me to binge watch the entire series in a few short weeks). Mary Richards was everything my little 19 year old self desired to be: feisty, independent, career-driven, and kind. Big fan of the show—and also, big fan of this quote from her: Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.
And while we’re talking about Mary and her wonderful show, can we all just agree that “Love is All Around” is the best theme song of all time?  #you’regonnamakeitafterall
2. My sister gave me the coolest Janet Hill print for Christmas and I finally got around to hanging it in my bathroom this week. Is it strange that this little space above my toilet is my favorite spot in my whole house?
3. I was perusing last month’s Southern Living Magazine (because I am a grandma at heart and subscribe to Southern Living Magazine) and guess what I found? My exact couch in a list of desirable sofas. For those who don’t know, I have a yellow couch. And this yellow couch has proven to be a very polarizing piece of furniture—people either love it or hate it. I, obviously, am in the camp that believes a yellow couch is a beautiful thing…and lucky for me, Southern Living agrees.
Exhibit A: my beloved yellow couch.
yellow couch.JPG
4. I am downright fascinated with tiny houses. I love the idea of having what you need and nothing more. That being said, I was all about this feature of a tiny Texas home. Take a look!
Currently listening to “Come on Over” by Annie Lawrence

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