Friday Favorites.

It’s St. Patrick’s day, mate. Hope yer day is full of gold an’ beers an’ stuff. (Please imagine me saying that in an Irish accent.)

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St. Patty’s day 2016 in my token green shirt (of which, I cannot find today. Of course, the one day I need a green shirt, this one is MIA.)
  1. In honor of today’s mean, green holiday, check out this list of 15 Funny Irish Sayings.
  2. My friend Kristin and I journeyed to NYC this week for a little fun and adventure.
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    Thank goodness I still have my giant coat (that could also very well double as a sleeping bag). It was a life saver this week.

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    Ok, not exactly a classic NY photo op, but the earrings at the Anthropologie in Chelsea Market were to die for.
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    We love Johnny Flores. He was the best tour guide.

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    This is a public library. Can you even believe it?
    …And this is the inside of said public library. I could have set up shop in there and stayed forever.
    Kristin and I went suppppppppper classy one night and ate this thing for dinner at a local pub.
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    Woke up to Winter Storm Stella making her presence known on Tuesday morning. 
    This was one of the very few places that was open the day of the blizzard. Lucky for us, it was awesome. Coffee and avocado toast for the win.


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    My eyes are straight-up shut in this picture. You can’t tell, but it was super windy and snow was blowing hard in the face. 
    The last night we were there, Kristin and I decided to have a fancy dinner (aka: not a giant pretzel) in SoHo. Well, the subway system got the best of us and we ended up somewhere in Brooklyn. You win some, you lose some.

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  3. Last night I went with a few friends to see the new live action adaption of Beauty and the Beast. I’ve loved the story of Beauty and the Beast for as long as I can remember. Belle’s character has always clicked with me—she is a girl who likes to read, is a little spunky but mostly kind, and has brown hair/eyes (so obviously I thought she was Kat Williamson in animated form). Anyhow, I found this new rendition to be beautiful and special. Go see it, folks. Oh, and read this article, too.
  4. Full transparency from a single 27-year-old girl: dating is hard. I had an especially rough go this past year and decided I was giving up on that roller coaster ride in 2017. Because honestly, I have a great life, and it’s tempting to believe that adding someone (and, quite possibly, their drama) to my already happy and full world is not worth it. But then I read articles like this one and remember that relationships can be so good and beautiful. So here’s to keeping one’s heart open…to love, and yes, maybe even hurt and drama. Because as Amy proved in this article, it might just be worth it.

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