Weekly Rundown.


How is it already Friday? (Not that I’m complaining…) This week has flown by, but you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun. Here’s a rundown from this week…

  1. This past week proved that pool season in Texas is starting a little early this year. I mean, it’s been HOT. My friends and I decided enough was enough and broke out our swimsuits. And speaking of swimsuits, here are some cute ones I found online:


  2. When I moved to Nashville after college, my sweet Aunt Beth drove me around the pretty neighborhoods to show me the sights. I distinctly remember her pointing out Tyne Blvd and saying that it was the loveliest street in Nashville. Well, she wasn’t wrong. I recently found a house tour on Pinterest that features a total knockout on Tyne Blvd and found myself thinking Why did I move from Nashville again?
  3. I’ve jumped feet first into the scarf trend. A simple scarf can make you feel so many things: like a Parisian, like a bohemian…and sadly, sometimes like a flight attendant. Can’t decide if I look super cool or super dumb when wearing them, but regardless, it’s been a cheap and easy way to spruce up my wardrobe this Spring.
  4. This kid has been all over the world wide web lately for creating a “dating resume.” It’s hilarious (and maybe a little inappropriate? Don’t read, easily offended souls!). …Oh, and if any of my middle school students are reading this—this is what we call humor, not actual dating advice. Please don’t make yourself a dating resume. Capeesh?
  5. Piece of joy from this week: hanging with this girl (and her big sis, not pictured). I nanny two little loves on my day off from the church, and I sure do enjoy it.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Currently listening to “Thank You For Being A Friend” via Golden Girls, which I am currently watching

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