Weekly Rundown.



No updates on anything extraordinary this week in the life of Kat. Just a plain ol’ week (but isn’t that nice on occasion?). Here are some things that have caught my eye this last week of March…

  1. I think it can be assumed that you, being a human being living in the year 2017, spend way too much time staring at your computer. Fear not, ye mindless Internet browser, we’re all in the same bus on that one. But, as long as you’re on the darn thing too much, it might as well have a pretty background, right? Check out these awesome desktop backgrounds from Angela McKay. This one’s my favorite…
  2. April is just around the corner (as in, tomorrow), which means, for all intensive purposes, summer in Dallas has arrived. That aha! moment + the sad, sad realization that my shorts from last summer are nearly un-button-able (sometimes I make up words, roll with it) helped me decide that it was time to get my little booty into shape. This YouTube pilates guru has been my “trainer” this past week. For those of you who haven’t heard of Cassey Ho, she’s basically the complete opposite of Jillian Michaels…thus I’m a huge fan.C78dmCvUwAAQC3s.jpg
  3. Nerd alert. I love reading and found a blog that I adore by a fellow nerdy soul called Modern Mrs. Darcy. There you will find a ton of A+ book recommendations and critiques. Worth checking out if you are a gal (or dude) who loves words.
  4. Moment of Joy this week: the weather this week has been glorious. So, that’s always nice. Oh, and I had a wonderful conversation with a friend who recently has gone through a lot of self-processing. Her fervent desire to honor the Lord was touching to say the least. I’m deeply grateful that I’ve been able to learn more about God through her testimony of grace.

Currently listening to “The Wolf” by Mumford and Sons

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