Weekly Rundown.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever asked the question: what did people do before the Internet?

I was given a chance to answer that question this past week.


I accidentally left my laptop at work last Wednesday…and then I purposefully left it there until Sunday night. My computer purge was glorious and looked something like this:

Wednesday night: Shoot, I left my laptop at work. Wish I had enough time to run by and grab it tonight.

Thursday: Ehh, it’s not so bad being Internet-free. Maybe I’ll go a few days without.

Friday: Having a computer/being constantly connected is stupid and the worst. Why are people so addicted to tiny machines?

Saturday: Ok, there are actually some good things about owning a computer/having the Internet. 

Sunday: Welcome back, trusty old friend!

…Can anyone else relate? I usually go through that same cycle of How do I live without it? > Freedom! Never going back! > Ok, I’m onboard again when it comes to vacations/time away from work as well. Oh, the ups and downs of being a female.

All that being said, blogging didn’t happen last week. Many apologies to my most loyal (and maybe only?) reader: MOM.

Anyhow, here’s what you missed.

  1. Katherine was my first Dallas friend, and then homegirl had the gall to pack up her bags and move to Alabama. Not bitter at all, Ms. Hau. But sweet, spunky Katherine thankfully reappears every once in a while for visits and she graced us with her presence this past week.

    Our morning was a pretty typical Kat/Katherine hangout: brunch and an errand. Might sound weird, but Katherine is the type of friend you always find yourself tagging along with for some kind of trip/adventure/errand. (By the way, I love those types of friends—the ones who invite you to be a part of their life in the big ways and even in the little errand-type of ways too.)

    Our errand of the day was to pick up some plants for her mama.

    While there, I fell head over hills for blue hydrangeas. 

    …And I also fell for this plant that I bought. (And will hopefully keep alive!) It’s a snake plant and I hear they’re near impossible to kill. We’ll see.
  2. Man, I loved this home tour.
  3. I thought this article from The Everygirl was perfect for those who feel a little behind in life—a feeling I think we all have at different points.
  4. Oh and Easter was two weekends ago! I spent the holiday in Houston with my family, and it was lovely. Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_7763IMG_7765

Happy trails, my friends!

Currently listening to “We Will Feast in the House of Zion” by Sandra McCracken

One thought on “Weekly Rundown.

  1. Cindy isn’t your only reader!! I’m here, too! I love those blue hydrangeas, too! Glad you got to spend Easter with your family! Miss you, pretty lady!


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