hon·es·ty (ˈänəstē): to be free of deceit and untruthfulness; to be sincere


We all have that friend who could best be described as “honest to a fault.” For me, this friend is John: co-worker, funniest human alive, and brutally honest compadre.

Want to know if your idea is good or actually just dumb? Ask John. Want to know if that boy is interested or just not that into you? Ask John. Want to know if you look as terrible as you feel? Ask John.

Without a doubt, John takes the cake for being my most honest friend. But please don’t read this as I’m raggin’ on the kid, because that’s actually one of the things I most admire about him. At the end of the day, John’s honesty (or “Johnesty,” as I like to call it) is always sound reason/advice.

We need straight-shooter friends in our lives, but often those type of buds are few and far between….which got me thinking: what other forms of honest truth are out there?

So behold: a compiled list of brutally honest things and people that you can always count on to tell you the whole truth + nuthin’ but the TRUTH:

  1. Target dressing room mirrors
    Hey girl, this is what you look like from all angles.
  2. ATM machines
    Don’t let the credit cards fool you, this is actually how much money you have in your account.
  3. Your sibling who got a first-hand look at your middle school years
    Do you remember when you used to match your braces with the colors of each upcoming holiday?
  4. Your grandma
    I won’t be around forever and your biological clock is ticking.
  5. Panera menus with all the calories listed
    One small mac + cheese = 1,342,4215 calories. Enjoy.
  6. Children
    “Miss Kat, you looked really pretty at the beginning of today, and now you look way worse.” (Direct quote from a child I recently babysat)
  7. Super magnifying hand mirrors
    Have you ever wondered what your face looks like zoomed in? Let’s take a good, long gander at your pores. 

    So here’s to you honest Abes of the world. Your refining ways make us hate you at times but value you always.

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