Weekly Rundown.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last blogged, so let’s catch up.


  1. A few weeks ago, my co-workers and I packed our bags, loaded up the church vans, and traveled the long haul (a whopping 7 miles) to the exotic terrain of Garland, Texas for a week-long mission trip with our middle schoolers. While there, we worked with refugee students, who I actually tutor all year long. It was a joyful and special week. I especially loved introducing my middle school students to the refugee kids who I love so much.
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I mean, how ’bout that sass? 
Middle school dream team
  1. Nerd alert. I’m obsessed with my new planner. I tried to be “21st century” last year and use a calendar app, but it just didn’t work for me—I have to write things down. So, I invested in this beauty and it has been super helpful in organizing my days.

    Look at them plans #ineedavacation
  2. Summertime equates to peony season! Let the hallelujahs roll!
    It’s amazing how happy a bundle of Trader Joe’s flowers can make a girl. 

    Summer—specifically July—is such a wonderful month. Because of peonies, and sunshine, and can we just talk about summer fruit? Summer is definitely fruit’s moment to shine. We’ve got the blackberries, the cherries, and OH THE PEACHES! Remember last year when I talked about my obsession with peaches? One year later and my love is still strong. (I’m trying out this peach cobbler recipe tonight!)

  3. Independence Day was spent with a handful of dear friends on Cedar Creek Lake this year. Forever thankful for freedom and for people who you can be yourself around.
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  4. And then sometimes, you and your co-workers dress like fools for youth events. Oh, the things we do for middle schoolers.

    But for real, my job has been sweet this summer. And the people pictured below? Well, they’re about as good as it gets.
    Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

  5. And finally, I grabbed dinner with my pals Shiloe and Karri yesterday at Bolsa in Bishop Arts. I’d only ever had drinks there, so last night’s dinner was a fun treat. My assessment: The food: delicious; the company: A+

Have a lovely weekend.

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