Celebrated #28 a few weeks ago, and in the words of Drake…


Just kidding. I still feel like a middle schooler most of the time.


It’s a funny thing, turning 28, because it not only signifies another year in your late 20s, but also a decade since you were a senior in high school.

And 18 year old Kat was all about making a 10-year-plan + life goals galore. Control issues, I tell ya. In my young, naive mind, I thought in 10 years I’d be a lot more settled than I currently am.

I assumed I’d be a well-traveled married lady who, after a short but sweet corporate career, decided to take on the noble profession of motherhood to my 2 or 3 hypothetical children. 


In reality, here’s how things actually look 10 years down the road:

I’m single. I live in a 97-year-old apartment with no central air. I’m currently a church intern. I have no idea where I’ll be in a year. I spend 90% of my time with middle schoolers, and one day last week the only person who called me was my retired neighbor Richard. 

To state the obvious, my life looks nothing like I thought it would.

…But you know what? I think 18 year old Kat would think that 28 year old Kat is pretty darn cool. (And truth be told, I’m glad my high school self was wrong, because I love the life I’ve got!)

So here’s to 28—and to new 10 year dreams.


Anyhow, here’s a glimpse into my 28th birthday…

View from my bed at 6:30 am. Not a bad start!
Starting off year 28 in my favorite fashion.
Best birthday present I received this year: a 70 degree day. No joke, I literally prayed that God would give me some cool temps on my birthday, and LOOK! Even more amazing: it was in the 90s the day before.
And because of said weather, I was able to pull out my favorite wardrobe piece: a vest. My boss Brent regularly makes fun of my vest-love…but what can I say? IT’S JUST WHO I AM, BRENT.


My co-workers celebrated me SO well. We had scones (fun fact: I love scones) and coffee during our morning meeting, and the team just generally treated me like a queen that day. I work with some good, good people.

…and I got so many funny and sweet texts from wonderful friends. Made my day.

The remainder of my day-of-birth contained a really long run from my house to White Rock Lake and dinner at The Rustic with some girlfriends.

Since my birthday was on a Tuesday, we held off on celebrating big until that Friday, when we had a low-key birthday hang at one of my favorite neighborhood spots: The Truckyard.

These people are GOLD!


Currently listening to “If You Want Me To” by Ginny Owens (this one has been a favorite since I was 11)

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