October MVPs.

How the month of October is over, I just don’t know. And while I’m at it—has the entire year of 2017 been a complete blur to anyone else? I kid you not: I literally wrote “2016” on a check the other day, as if that year hadn’t been dead and gone for ages.


That being said, October was without a doubt my busiest month of 2017. I helped execute a middle school fall retreat, I planned and hosted my sister’s bachelorette, I helped pull off an event for an organization that I volunteer with, and I moved.

You may have noticed a lot of “I’s” in that previous paragraph, but lest you think that I am far more superhero-y than I actually am, I had tons and tons of help. It takes a village, folks.

My October would not have run smoothly without the following MVPs…

MVP #1: Magic Erasers

Side note: why does Mr. Clean look the way he does? Why are his eyebrows so white? Why does he have that one, very shiny earring? Time to rebrand, me thinks.
My oh-so-empty (but OH-SO-CLEAN!) former home.

I’ll shoot you straight: I have no idea what a magic eraser is made of, nor do I understand why it works so well. But I will say this: something about those little sponge-like creatures is truly magical and they were game-changers when cleaning out my old apartment.

MVP #2: Pre-cut, pre-seasoned, + pre-washed veggies from Central Market

Half of you read this and thought “brilliant;” the other half read this and thought “lazy.” I’d like to think buying pre-cut, pre-seasoned, pre-washed vegetables lie somewhere in the middle, but during a crazy month when feeding one’s self is on the back burner, this beautiful bit of convenience is good as gold.

MVP #3: Dominos $5 Medium Pizzas


…And on days when pre-cut veggies just weren’t going to cut it, Dominos was my trusty dinner deliverer with their cheap and disgustingly delicious $5 pizzas.

MVP #: Etsy and Pinterest

IMG_0346More on my sister’s Fredericksburg bachelorette party to come, but for now, I shall leave you with this: Etsy and Pinterest were my most helpful friends during the bachelorette planning process. I’m sure we would have had a great time without their never-ending guidance, but let’s be honest, it just wouldn’t have been as pretty. So thanks to you, Etsy and Pinterest, for helping me bring the aesthetic appeal.

MVP #5: Teammates

Pardon our tired, dirty selves. This was post-middle school fall retreat weekend. My love for this teammate is REAL (as was my need for a shower and long nap in that moment).

May it be friends, sisters, parents, bosses, committee members, or co-workers, a girl is nothing without her team. I was reminded this past month that I am surrounded by some very, very good folks.

Currently listening to “Levitate” by Imagine Dragons

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