To My Most Faithful Friend.

There are those natural stop points in your year. Some make you reevaluate (New Years), some make you remember (anniversaries), and some make you appreciate (birthdays).

Today is a day of deep appreciation for my sister, Sarah, as she celebrates her 33rd birthday.

Let me tell you the story behind this picture of her…

I was living in Nashville, all of 22 years old, and was doing what I thought was my dream job (but hating every minute of it). By that point, my dreams of grandeur about this young adult season of life had popped, leaving me feeling lonely. Really, really lonely. I remember being in a sad head space leading up to that day when my most faithful friend drove up for a visit.

I have a theory that we revert back to our childhood selves around siblings, so naturally I acted like the goofy little sister, while Sarah (graciously) laughed at all my jokes and played along…as she always has. Bless that poor girl’s heart. Her visit was sunshine on a literal cloudy day, as well as a cloudy season of my life.

Sarah has a way of lifting your mood, simply by allowing you to be the truest version of yourself unapologetically…and the cool thing? She thinks you’re great! And she thinks you’re tiny apartment is charming! And that park down the street? Oh my goodness, she can’t get over how convenient and happy it is! She is the ultimate hype person who will cheer you on—through the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly.

We all need a “Sarah” in our life, and today, I’m so thankful she’s in mine.

Happy birthday to my girl!

(Currently listening to the BIRTHDAY PLAYLIST that I make for Sarah every year…see below!)

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