Master Remodel.

We finally finished our master bedroom remodel, and may I just applaud professional home flippers because they must be the most patient humans alive.

It was a journey, but we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Before we go into a full explanation of the project, a little background…

  1. Our home was a 4 bed, 2 bath upon purchase. And though 99% of the time it’s a bad idea to remove a bedroom, we decided to do it. For one, most of the homes on our street are 3 beds/2 baths or 2 beds/2 baths, so it wouldn’t be a terribly unwise move to eliminate the fourth bedroom based on the comps. Also, two of the four rooms were tiny and we really loved the idea of having a true master suite in this home.
  2. Another thing to know: all of the bedrooms were initially off of a really long hallway (seen below). This presented a small problem…If a baby ever graced our household, we would’ve had to walk all the way to the end of the hallway on creaky wood floors just to get to our room. Rumor is that babies are sensitive sleepers, so creating a separate entrance to the master suite was a must. Thus, we moved the entrance of the master suite to the living room.
  3. We fall in the category of people with a laundry closet, and said closet also landed at the end of the long, creaky hallway. When we combined bedroom #3 and #4 to make a master suite, the laundry area would have kept us from having a roomy walk-in closet, so it had to move. Because of these factors, we moved the laundry closet to the entrance of our new master suite.

    Clear as mud? Pictures will help…


Original hallway that led to the four bedrooms, one bathroom, and the laundry closet (on far right).
A more up-close look at our old Laundry Closet. No need for me to expound much here; it obviously was not a pretty sight.
Demolished hallway. Now, the hallway only includes two bedrooms and a bathroom…oh! and a fun, little addition…
A linen closet! We were barely able to sneak one in, but we are so thankful for the extra space. If you’re not impressed while reading this, you probably live in a newer home than we do. Let me tell you: homes from the 1950s have very little closet space. Even this infant sized closet brought tidings of great joy to our household.
The shortened hallway. Still looks a little long, but I promise it’s a much shorter, less creaky trek.


The picture below is not great, but it’s the only one I could find with the original built in bookcase. Yes, that charming little bookcase unfortunately got the boot, but for good purpose—it became the new entrance to our master suite.

Bye bookshelf; Hello new entrance to our master suite
There you go! New entry to the master suite complete.

If you walk inside the new master suite entrance, you’ll first be welcomed by a tiny hallway (with doors on both ends) that houses the new laundry closet. Though we would’ve loved a full laundry room, that was just not possible with this house (but at least this new laundry closet is a bit of an upgrade!).

Our washer/dryer basically had to make a 180 and move up a few feet. Sounds like a simple project, right? Surprisingly, it was one of the most time intensive parts of this remodel. A whole breaker panel had to move, along with so many pipes, etc. It took a good, long while (and a pretty penny), but the new location of the laundry closet is much more practical, so we are happy folk.
So fresh / So clean / So complete


The pictures below will make this part of the remodel look much smaller, simpler, and faster than it actually was. In all honesty, Creighton did the initial merging of rooms as soon as he bought the house three years ago, but it wasn’t until this past summer that we finally tackled the rest of the project (trim, bookcase, closet, bathroom, entrance change, laundry closet, etc.). We still have a ways to go when it comes to decorating, but it’s getting there!

Master bedroom before
This was the other bedroom that was combined with the original master to create our suite.
And the two became one…
Flash forward to this summer. I’ll spare you the demo pictures and jump straight to the framed project.
A little paint to make things sparkle.
Voila. A finished project. To help with perspective, the door to the left leads into the small hallway/laundry closet, the door in the middle is our master closet (see more pictures below), and the door to the far right is the master bathroom.


This master bath was quite petite when we got our hands on it. We knew that we’d never be able to have a huge master bath, but our hope was to make it feel light and airy by extending the shower and sink out a bit.
We wanted a double vanity and rewrote the plans many, many times to try to get it to work, but alas…it just did not work with our space. That being said, we actually love our new vanity—one sink and all. We added a mirrored wall above the vanity (instead of a decorative framed mirror) to create the illusion of a larger space and to allow two people to get ready at once without fighting for the mirror.
I was certain I knew the exact finishes I wanted for the master bath—French blue penny tile, white cabinets, and marble-toned quartz countertops. But when we went to buy the tile, the white penny tiles were a whopping $10 less per sq/ft than the blue. My love for a good deal won out, and I’m honestly so glad it did. With the switch to white tiles, we decided to bring color to the vanity instead and settled on this greenish shade called Mizzle by Farrow and Ball.

There you have it! A long project (and a long blog post), but I do hope you enjoyed. Thanks for following along.

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Weekly Rundown.

A lovely Friday to you!

Covid has obviously not cramped Princess Beatrice’s style at all. Who needs thousands of wedding guests when you can have thousands of flowers? Still daydreaming about this pretty scene.
  1. For those in need of a fool-proof summer recipe, look no further than this: turky + feta meatballs with lemon orzo salad (c/o Hello Adams Family Blog). It’s easy, summer-y, and consistently good. Honestly, I’ve never been much of a meatball fan, but I do like these (and Creighton says these are top-notch, while still feeling light). What really gets me is the lemon orzo salad. If dinner parties were a thing in 2020, I’d be making a side of that all the time!
Image c/o Hello Adams Family Blog

2. Creighton sent this article from Apartment Therapy my way last week, and it’s too cool a story not to share. The article features the home of a woman who has a rare disease called Grapheme-Color Synesthesia, or in other words, her “brain “sees” letters and numbers as having specific colors.” So, her brain associates specific colors with words. For example, here are some color schemes associated with the words that best correlate to each room in her house…

Image c/o apartment therapy

Check out the article to see how the homeowner decorated each room of her house with colors that “meant something.” My favorite of her rooms was the sweet little sunroom below.

Image c/o apartment therapy

3. My beloved sister Sarah is moving home to Texas after an 8 year detour in Birmingham, Alabama. She’s set to arrive in her new home of Austin tomorrow, and believe me when I say that I’ve been counting down the days. Here’s to you and your new adventure, Sarah!

4. I’ve worn this cute new headband every day this week. How much do I love it? Let me count the ways: it is not too big or bulky; it covers quarantine hair; and it looks like the Mi Golondrina ones that fancy girls wear, but it’s cheaper. win, win, win.

5. This last Sunday night, we experienced the most beautiful, full double-rainbow while grabbing some ice cream at Andy’s frozen custard. Just a small, but timely reminder of hope.

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Weekly Rundown.

It’s Friday, friends! Here are some highlights from this week…

Photo from
  1. It’s no secret that the band formally known as The Dixie Chicks has been a love of mine since the single-digit years of my life. Well, the girls are back with their brand spankin’ new album “Gaslighter,” and I’m here to tell you it’s good. Even if you’re not a fan of country music, you should give it a listen. The song “My Best Friend’s Weddings” is so sad and wonderful all at the same time.

2. A few weeks back I took a stroll around my favorite Marshall’s in Dallas (which also happens to be sketchy as heck) and found these whitewashed wicker ottomans for only $50. I love a good deal, so they made their way back to the Dryden home (though I still haven’t decided if I’m keeping them for good). Currently they’re living at the end of our bed, but I think they’d be cute under an acrylic console table too.

3. It’s been a minute since I’ve loved anything I’ve read, but I am definitely intrigued by “The Guest List,” a thriller written from five different perspectives. Only 30 pages in, but so far I’m hooked. That Reese Witherspoon really knows what she’s doing, huh?

4. Not much else is going on here in Dallas, Texas. Our city’s Covid numbers are shamefully high, so Creighton and I are hanging at home a lot and enjoying time together. It’s such a funny season of life (and let’s be honest: we’re talking “strange funny,” not “haha funny”), but I keep seeing glimpses of God’s loving kindness and faithfulness during this time. I am confident that He is loving us well through this.
“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have trouble, but take heart; I have overcome the world.”
-John 16:33

These are the glory days, folks!

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And So, We Go.

Below is a devotional I wrote to coordinate with this sermon from Park Cities Presbyterian Church. The article is a part of their “Every Thought Captive” weekly devo, which you can subscribe to here. Enjoy.

<Photo from Farrow & Ball>

“And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:18-20

Today my boss at PCPC asked me to answer the following prompt: What would you ask God about, concerning youth ministry, if you knew He would answer you immediately?

My honest answer was: “How, Lord?”

  • How do we reach students with the Gospel when we can’t meet them through Sunday school or youth events?
  • How do we disciple students when we can’t meet in person for Bible studies?
  • How do we send students into the world when it’s not safe to go anywhere?

Perhaps you can relate to such “how” questions in your life or personal areas of ministry as well.

It is not that God has not left us without any guidance. We know many things to be true:

  • As Pastor Mark said on Sunday, we know that our nature and mission does not change with our circumstances.
  • We know that wilderness seasons are a part of God’s glorious design.
  • We have learned to trust Scripture and the Holy Spirit’s guiding as we navigate uncertainty.

And yet in our sinful flesh, we still may not be satisfied. We desire to know the “hows” behind our mission as His followers. And those holes in our understanding can lead to doubt, frustration, and apathy (this one is especially prevalent for me).

So, how do we face our unchanging mission when we don’t understand the “hows” that accompany our situation?

The words from our closing hymn on Sunday brought a lot of comfort to me:

Facing a task unfinished
That drives us to our knees
A need that, undiminished
Rebukes our slothful ease
We, who rejoice to know Thee
Renew before Thy throne
The solemn pledge we owe Thee
To go and make Thee known

We first go to our knees in prayer, and in those moments, our faith that God knows the answer to all of our “hows” is renewed. And so, we go—praying for faithfulness this day as we face the many uncertainties in our lives. God’s Spirit and Word will lead.   

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Living Room // Before + After

One of the many things I’ve learned the past few months is that DANG it’s nice to be married to a contractor.

For those who don’t know, Creighton is a project manager for a residential home builder here in Dallas. So when he bought this house in 2017 (eight months before I was in the picture), he had a clear vision of what the 1957 home could become.

Though I’m now helping him with decision making + decor, this living area project was all him…and I couldn’t be more proud of him or happy with his decisions!

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a good ol’ before + after of our home’s living area.


Here’s a look at the living + dining room from the front door right after Creighton bought the house in 2017. Directly on the other side of the living room/dining room was a den and the kitchen.
Sometimes I think the “open concept” trend is overrated, but is was certainly the way to go with our home since it’s only 1,800 square feet. Thus, down came the wall that separated the living/dining + kitchen/den.
Carpets were ripped out and replaced with hardwood floors.
Added some new recessed lights throughout the space.


VOILA! The end result.
And now with a little furniture! There are still so many decor projects I’d like to tackle in the living area, but slowly + surely, it’s getting there.

That’s it, folks! Hope you enjoyed.

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