Big life changes over here, my friends!


My dear, wonderful Creighton Dryden proposed to me a few weeks ago, and we are overjoyed to be getting married in a few short months!

I will dive into all of the engagement details in a separate post, but I’d like to share a little about Creighton and our relationship first.

(I also decided that it’s time to unleash the many photos I over-analyzed posting vs. not posting when we were dating. You girls know what I’m talking about.)



I met Creighton my very first year in Dallas in the most random of ways. At that time, my friend Johnny had decided to move to New York City and he needed a little help in the packing department. I, a moving pro, offered to come over and help him begin the packing process. Well, lo and behold, when I arrived to Johnny’s house to help him move, a blue eyed, blonde haired guy opened the door and said, “can I help you?” I explained why I was there, which caused Creighton to laugh out loud. He said, “Well, Johnny isn’t here, but you’re welcome to come inside and wait for him.”

If you know Johnny, you are also laughing out loud right now, because every facet of this story—from enlisting a girl to help him move to the part where he forgot about it all together— is so on brand with Johnny Flores. (Johnny did eventually show up, for the record.)

To be honest, I’m a little shocked that I remember that first meeting with Creighton because we were both “spoken for” at that time and our exchange was incredibly brief. But even so, I somehow remember that introduction so well. I remember him wearing kakhi shorts and an old frat tee; I remember the look on his face when he answered the door.

Isn’t that memory a cool gift?

Creighton and I formed a friendship over the next few years, but it was always only that: a friendship. My perspective on Creighton was that he was kind and easy to talk to. And also important to note: we didn’t see each other often. Maybe 2-3 times a year at mutual friends’ parties. In fact, we went a whole year without seeing each other before we reconnected and began dating.

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The next few years after my first introduction to Creighton, I jokingly (and cringingly) say that I dated every boy in Dallas. I would go on tons of first dates, a few second dates, and hardly any third dates. Don’t get me wrong—there were some great guys in the mix! Just never the right one.

After one particularly terrible date, I decided I needed a break. So I made a pact with myself to take a year off dating. (Obviously, I was feeling dramatic at that time.) I distinctly remember recanting said pact a few months later, but God must’ve agreed I needed a break because no dates came my way for a solid twelve months.

Not necessarily the cutest picture of us, but this is us.

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…But what did come my way was a really hard season of life. Maybe my hardest season yet. I’m going to spare you all of the details, but I will say that it was tough…and yet, it was also a really sweet time of my life. Isn’t that a crazy juxtaposition? Often when things are the hardest is when God feels the nearest. I saw His love for me in a new and wonderful way; I experienced the deep care of my friends and church community; I found new little joys in my life (like my ridiculous and short lived podcast). I tell ya: sometimes those hard seasons are so good for the soul.

Anyhow, through that season I gained a new sense of purpose in my life and job, which led me to decide that I was actually A-OK being single. I was content. And not only was I content; I was happy.

And wouldn’t you know, that’s the exact same time that Creighton Dryden walked back into my life.



We reconnected at an event I was working one night, and though I hadn’t seen him in a year at that point, it was as easy as ever to talk to him. He stuck around until the event was over and joined me and another friend for dinner.

Over the next few weeks, we ran into each other a few times (which I later learned was somewhat calculated by a smitten Creighton). And then one night I looked at my phone and had a voicemail from a 512 phone number. (Fun fact: I didn’t have Creighton’s phone number until he asked me out, and though we had been casual friends for a few years, I actually didn’t even know his last name. Ha!) We went on a first date a week later—ironically, almost exactly one year after my “one year pact.” Cheesy, but true.

And as they say, the rest was history!


Creighton Dryden is the friend that everyone needs. He is always kind—no matter the situation; He is humble and loyal; He values His church and the Lord; He makes me laugh and allows me to be my goofiest self; He’s the king of trivia; He’s part preppy/part nerd (you should see how his face lights up when he talks about the new Star Wars series on Disney Plus…); He’s sensitive to my emotions; He’s a wannabe cowboy and absolute rodeo lover; He’s a gentleman and a partner in crime (ok, we haven’t committed actual crimes, but I think I could influence him in that direction if ever needed).

He’s just the best and I’m so thankful that he’s mine.

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When Dealing with Frustration

Sometimes life puts you in a funk.

If this picture doesn’t just scream frustration…only thing worse than ruining your hairdo in your sweater is putting fitted sheets on a bed. Oh, or trying to stuff the air mattress back in the bag. Am I right?

Perhaps you’ve been feeling unappreciated or listless.

Maybe things haven’t been coming together for you, despite your best efforts.

Or, you may have found yourself in a season of waiting, where try as you might, you can’t control a darn thing.

You’re frustrated.

Frustration is one of my least favorite feelings in life (…Besides the feeling of being itchy. That one takes the cake.). And one of the most annoying facets of that feeling is that it often leads to other undesirable feelings, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Self-doubt
  • Doubt in God and others who love you
  • Anger
  • Confusion
  • Jealousy

It’s a real problem. And to be honest, it’s one that’s plaguing me right now.

For me, frustration typically manifests from one specific arena, but then touches every other aspect of my life in numerous ways. For example, maybe the main frustration is work. But then, because you’re feeling some (if not all) of the feelings listed above, you start feeling frustrated by your significant other, by that thing so-and-so posted, by the humidity…the list can go on and on. Frustration has a ripple effect and, if you’re not careful, it can penetrate every aspect of your life.

So, how does one tame the frustration beast? This is what has worked for me lately:

  1. Allow yourself to be frustrated, but only for an hour. 
    It’s ok to feel frustration, but you simply cannot allow it to fester. So give yourself a time limit. Feel frustrated. Go to a trusted friend or family member that is NOT a part of the situation. Pout a little. …but then, do not stay in that place. After an allotted time, make a game plan. For example, if you’re frustrated with a friend, feel that frustration and feel it BIG, but then after an hour, choose to let it go or confront the problem. Either response is fine, but don’t continue to sit in it.
  2. Go for a walk, run, or complete a workout.
    You’d be surprised how often frustrating situations are built up in your mind due to stress. Try being active and see how you feel after.
  3. Pray. Read your Bible.
    If you’re a person of faith like me, this is by far the best route to begin with. Often times my frustration begins with pride. Opening my Bible or talking to God about it always reminds me that life just isn’t about me. When I gain that bigger picture of His goodness and His grace, I’m able to have more grace with others and myself.
  4. Bring frustration to people.
    Maybe this is obvious, but if you’re willing to embrace the awkwardness of actually talking to someone who’s caused frustration, it’s likely that your negative feelings will evaporate quickly. Now, if I’m being honest, this is not always the case. But more times than not, frustrations are formed from miscommunication, and simply talking it out and can do a world of good.

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A Wedding, a Robbery, + an All-Around Eventful Weekend.

Quite the title, huh?

IMG_6102My sister Becca + her man Matt were married this past Saturday in Houston, Texas. It was a whirlwind of a weekend—full of joy…and also a little drama (always the makings of any memorable party, right?).

Here’s the story:

The blushing bride herself in front of the #ILoveYouWall in Houston. I got into town Thursday afternoon and directly headed to Becca’s house for a glass of wine and a good sister chat. Isn’t it funny how those little moments can actually become the most cherished memories? From there we met up with the other Williamson’s to do what we do best: eat Tex-Mex and talk. We missed Matt that night, but it was sweet to have one last family dinner with just us five.
Friday morning was when wedding things really started happening. The day started with nails and brunch. I mean, is there a better combination than that?
Takin’ care of business.

0BA4B59A-CDCE-43FB-B8A0-69E4DE945E1B 2.JPG

From brunch, Becca jetted off to do a little wedding prep, while Sarah and I drove to what felt like every FedEx in Houston to get some files printed. The traffic in that city is no joke, but man, do they have pretty sunsets.
The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were great. Matt’s parents, Betty and Ted, did an adorable rehearsal dinner speech that even included props.
Sarah and I spent the night at Becca’s house Friday night (remember this fact—it has to do with the robbery), so we 3 + our mom headed to Dry Bar early that day for hair appointments.
I like big hair and I cannot lie. Also, pictured hair fell flat within about two seconds of walking outside. Becca’s wedding day featured 85 degree temps, high humidity, and strong wind. It’s cool; I like the windblown look too.
Next stop: brunch with Becca and her friends at The Dunlavy. It’s a breakfast spot by day and a wedding venue by night. Talk about range.


We then headed to the venue—the Heights Historic Fire Station.


Oh hey, pretty floors.
From this point, picture taking became spotty at best. I’ll include the few photos that I have, but you’ll just have to use your imagination on a lot of the details.


Two very important people who didn’t make it into many of my pictures. Sure do love these parents of mine.


…THIS HAPPENED. Near the end of the reception, I walked out to my car to grab something for Becca when I noticed the broken window. Someone stole everything in my car, including my hidden wallet, my luggage, Sarah’s luggage, and DRUMROLL…Becca’s suitcase for her honeymoon. All of these things were in my car because we stayed with Becca the night before instead of at the hotel. Oh, life. I’m not going to lie, it was a pretty terrible moment, but no one was hurt and the thieves didn’t have a chance to ring up any fraudulent charges on my credit/debit cards before I cancelled them. I held my cool fairly well, but there were some subtle tears in front of an old babysitter of our’s who was also in the parking lot at that time. HA. Isn’t it funny how some situations can completely snap you back to feeling 11 again?

Phew, what a weekend. Mostly wonderful, but a tiny bit awful. I’m sure we’ll laugh about the whole thing one day in the distant future.

Oh, and in closing: my Maid of Honor speech…it’s in the form of a cheesy poem because, for better or worse, that’s my love language to Becca (see this and this for further explanation).

I have a tradition with Becca of writing her silly birthday poems each year, and so I thought, what better way to celebrate Becca and Matt then with a little poetry? 

So without further ado, the wedding poem:

Becca, we have made it,
It’s your wedding day;
And as your Maid of Honor,
I have some words to say.

I’m happy for you + Matt,
He loves you like no other;
And personally, I’m excited,
To finally gain a brother.

From triathlons to country dancing,
Y’alls adventures have not been light;
And now as the new Maddox’s,
I’m sure it will be dynamite.

So here’s to Becca and Matt, 
And the love that they do carry; 
On behalf of all here I will say:
Thank God they’re finally married.

Ok, thank you for putting up with me and my cheesy poem. In all sincerity, Becca and Matt are two of my favorite people. We all love you so much and are excited for the many Maddox adventures ahead. Cheers to Matt and Becca!

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October MVPs.

How the month of October is over, I just don’t know. And while I’m at it—has the entire year of 2017 been a complete blur to anyone else? I kid you not: I literally wrote “2016” on a check the other day, as if that year hadn’t been dead and gone for ages.


That being said, October was without a doubt my busiest month of 2017. I helped execute a middle school fall retreat, I planned and hosted my sister’s bachelorette, I helped pull off an event for an organization that I volunteer with, and I moved.

You may have noticed a lot of “I’s” in that previous paragraph, but lest you think that I am far more superhero-y than I actually am, I had tons and tons of help. It takes a village, folks.

My October would not have run smoothly without the following MVPs…

MVP #1: Magic Erasers

Side note: why does Mr. Clean look the way he does? Why are his eyebrows so white? Why does he have that one, very shiny earring? Time to rebrand, me thinks.
My oh-so-empty (but OH-SO-CLEAN!) former home.

I’ll shoot you straight: I have no idea what a magic eraser is made of, nor do I understand why it works so well. But I will say this: something about those little sponge-like creatures is truly magical and they were game-changers when cleaning out my old apartment.

MVP #2: Pre-cut, pre-seasoned, + pre-washed veggies from Central Market

Half of you read this and thought “brilliant;” the other half read this and thought “lazy.” I’d like to think buying pre-cut, pre-seasoned, pre-washed vegetables lie somewhere in the middle, but during a crazy month when feeding one’s self is on the back burner, this beautiful bit of convenience is good as gold.

MVP #3: Dominos $5 Medium Pizzas


…And on days when pre-cut veggies just weren’t going to cut it, Dominos was my trusty dinner deliverer with their cheap and disgustingly delicious $5 pizzas.

MVP #: Etsy and Pinterest

IMG_0346More on my sister’s Fredericksburg bachelorette party to come, but for now, I shall leave you with this: Etsy and Pinterest were my most helpful friends during the bachelorette planning process. I’m sure we would have had a great time without their never-ending guidance, but let’s be honest, it just wouldn’t have been as pretty. So thanks to you, Etsy and Pinterest, for helping me bring the aesthetic appeal.

MVP #5: Teammates

Pardon our tired, dirty selves. This was post-middle school fall retreat weekend. My love for this teammate is REAL (as was my need for a shower and long nap in that moment).

May it be friends, sisters, parents, bosses, committee members, or co-workers, a girl is nothing without her team. I was reminded this past month that I am surrounded by some very, very good folks.

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Celebrated #28 a few weeks ago, and in the words of Drake…


Just kidding. I still feel like a middle schooler most of the time.


It’s a funny thing, turning 28, because it not only signifies another year in your late 20s, but also a decade since you were a senior in high school.

And 18 year old Kat was all about making a 10-year-plan + life goals galore. Control issues, I tell ya. In my young, naive mind, I thought in 10 years I’d be a lot more settled than I currently am.

I assumed I’d be a well-traveled married lady who, after a short but sweet corporate career, decided to take on the noble profession of motherhood to my 2 or 3 hypothetical children. 


In reality, here’s how things actually look 10 years down the road:

I’m single. I live in a 97-year-old apartment with no central air. I’m currently a church intern. I have no idea where I’ll be in a year. I spend 90% of my time with middle schoolers, and one day last week the only person who called me was my retired neighbor Richard. 

To state the obvious, my life looks nothing like I thought it would.

…But you know what? I think 18 year old Kat would think that 28 year old Kat is pretty darn cool. (And truth be told, I’m glad my high school self was wrong, because I love the life I’ve got!)

So here’s to 28—and to new 10 year dreams.


Anyhow, here’s a glimpse into my 28th birthday…

View from my bed at 6:30 am. Not a bad start!
Starting off year 28 in my favorite fashion.
Best birthday present I received this year: a 70 degree day. No joke, I literally prayed that God would give me some cool temps on my birthday, and LOOK! Even more amazing: it was in the 90s the day before.
And because of said weather, I was able to pull out my favorite wardrobe piece: a vest. My boss Brent regularly makes fun of my vest-love…but what can I say? IT’S JUST WHO I AM, BRENT.


My co-workers celebrated me SO well. We had scones (fun fact: I love scones) and coffee during our morning meeting, and the team just generally treated me like a queen that day. I work with some good, good people.

…and I got so many funny and sweet texts from wonderful friends. Made my day.

The remainder of my day-of-birth contained a really long run from my house to White Rock Lake and dinner at The Rustic with some girlfriends.

Since my birthday was on a Tuesday, we held off on celebrating big until that Friday, when we had a low-key birthday hang at one of my favorite neighborhood spots: The Truckyard.

These people are GOLD!


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