Weekly Rundown.

Well, it’s been a hot minute, has it not?


September was a bumpy ride for me and my family, but we’ve made it to October—the best month of the year!

Here’s a peak at what’s been going on the past month or so…

  1. Dallas is always late to the party when it comes to cooler fall temps, but crisper weather is starting to make an appearance in the mornings. I’ve been taking advantage of our pretty October mornings with some long runs in my hood. Those who know me know that I love to run—it’s a way to learn a city, it’s an avenue to tone your legs, and it’s more-or-less free therapy. But for whatever reason, I didn’t run this summer. (Like, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I ran from May to August.) I’m not sure the cause behind my running slump, but the love is back and it’s real. I also changed up my running route to include a quarter of a mile down the historic Swiss Avenue. The residents of this street are probably getting sick of the runner who keeps taking pictures of their gorgeous homes, but what can I say—I have a thing for white houses…
  2. My friend and co-worker Philip married his beautiful bride this past weekend in the Texas hill country. If this wedding doesn’t scream “Texas forever,” than I don’t know what does.
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  3. My sister Rebecca turned 31 a few weeks ago, and in birthday tradition, I wrote a poem. Not my finest material, but I did get a Drake lyric in there, so it’ll do.
  4. A blogger I admire wrote a really good word on God’s providence in her life. To read the full thing, check out her Coffee Date post.
  5. And finally, I leave you with my favorite fall find: a $20 pair of coral booties from TJ Maxx. Will I look back one day and roll my eyes at my unpractical shoes? Probably, but for now, I’m in love!

This is where I leave you this fine Friday. I’m off to a fall retreat with 70 middle school students. Prayers for fun, safety, salvation (…and my personal sanity) very much appreciated.

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If I could pick my talent in life, I would be artistic (that, or I would have the singing prowess of Adele). I love the idea of creating beauty. Alas, my artistic abilities have always been sub-par.

My aunt, an art teacher, thoroughly believes that everyone is an artist in his or her own way. I distinctly remember her telling 10 year old Kat, “you just have to discover your artistic ability.”

And you know what, you guys? I think she’s right. I have a friend whose artistic side shines brightest through her beautiful penmanship; I know another gal whose artsy flair can be seen through her funky jewelry designs. Though those ladies aren’t traditional artists, it’s cool to see how their creative abilities produce joy and beauty in unique ways.

I, on the other hand, am not crafty in the least. My drawing capability is capped at a robot and I straight-up shudder at the idea of completing a Pinterest project. I do think I have an artistic side, though, and I’d argue that it’s best seen through my personal style.


I’ve always enjoyed having my own unique Kat Williamson style. It’s fairly classic with a little bit of spunk, made up of pieces ranging from J. Crew staples to thrift store scores. In a phrase, I’d call it “cheeky traditional” (thought real hard about that one, folks).

Let’s take a figurative look into my closet, shall we?

  1. The “can’t live withouts.” My staples include blue, black, and white jeans. Plain tees (my love for slouchy long sleeve v-necks runs particularly deep). Black cotton dresses. Levi cut offs. Solid-colored jumpsuits. Mexican embroidered tops. And a leather jacket for good measure. The color theme with these pieces is almost always on the boring side—I like a lot of blacks, greys, and whites (but I spice up my outfits with accessories, so don’t you worry).
  2. How about that bling? I love my Daniel Wellington watch and wear it most days, but I recently inherited a gold Michael Kors watch that I wear on the reg as well.
    I love earrings and rarely go without! Most days, I wear cheap, fake pearl earrings because they go with everything and brighten up the face. On days when I’m feeling a little more sassy, I turn to statement earrings. I am a big fan of Baublebar danglers because they’re bright, fun, and inexpensive.

    Oh, and occasionally I wear simple gold bands on my fingers, because why the heck not.

  3. Show off ’em kicks. I’ve got happy feet when I wear my favorite neon sandals, thrift store clogs, Nike sneakers, Birkenstocks (that I bought in high school!), and cognac booties.
  4. On the head. I, Kat Williamson, am a baseball cap girl. I have quite the collection and love them for many reasons, but mostly because they are sporty, cute, and cover up my locks on non-shower days. I also enjoy funky barrettes, thrift store scares, and bandanas (I LOVE a good bandana in the hair).

When it comes to style, I’ve always been a firm believer that you can sport anything you want as long as you wear it with confidence and a convincing smile. However, time and age have begun to prove this theory wrong. I’ve realized that, try as I might, some trends just aren’t for me (such as flat-rimmed hats, crop tops, 90s chokers, and bright red lipstick). And coming to that realization, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call maturity. I think I’ve found a look that represents me well (not to mention, flatters my form), so for now I’m sticking with my “cheeky traditional” style…dumb title and all.

So, what’s on my style wishlist right now? That’s easy—white overalls!
I think they are adorable and fun. But where to find them, that is the question!

And, because weddings are the name of the game for me right now, I’m also looking into rehearsal dinner/wedding guest dresses. These are my favorites as of late…

So there you go. Maybe I’ll never find my true artistic calling (sorry, Aunt Kristin), but I think it’s fun to express myself through my personal style. And for me, that’s artsy enough.

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