Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday for the very last time in 2016.


  1. I have no pictures from Christmas, but it was a good time. Love those Williamson’s.
  2. NPR came up with a list of the best books of 2016. My personal favorite read this year was “When Breath Becomes Air.” Beautiful story and beautifully written.
  3. Many moons ago when I was a senior in college, my roommate Bailey and I had a rare Friday night where we opted to stay in sweats and watch a movie over socializing with friends. I distinctly remember us calling it our “unsocial night” (21-year-old Kat would be sad to hear that many of my nights as a 27-year-old could be categorized as “unsocial”…and I live for such nights). Anyhow, we watched “Crazy, Stupid Love” and it was OK—but I remember wishing the entire storyline revolved around Emma Stone + Ryan Gosling’s characters. So naturally, being a fan of the ever-delightful Emma and ever-beautiful Ryan, I was pumped to see the new musical LaLa Land. And you guys, it did not disappoint. I saw LaLa Land, and I loved LaLa Land. The music was amazing, the scenery was beautiful, and Ryan + Emma…I mean, C’MON. I also loved the ending (though I’ve heard some people weren’t fans).
  4. Oh, resolutions. Such good intentions often get thrown in the trash after a few months, huh? Still, I love the idea of bettering one’s self in the new year…of trying harder, being better, doing a little more in the upcoming 365. I found this article interesting, though it mostly revolved around fitness resolutions.
  5. Feel like you might need some good vibes in 2017? Check out this article that highlights lucky foods to eat on NYE.

Happy New Year, friends. Hope 2017 is the best one yet.

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Friday Favorites.

We’ve made it to the last month of 2016, and to that I simply ask: HOW?


My December is filled to the brim with holiday parties, seasonal festivities, and hours upon hours of Hallmark Christmas movies. Tis the season!

Here are my favorites from this past week:

  1. As you may have heard, the new Gilmore Girls reunion series came out last Friday. You also may have heard all your Gilmore Girl-loving friends collectively saying, “huh.” Spoiler: the show wasn’t that great. And it wasn’t because it was poorly made or lacked it’s signature rapid-fire wit; I think most fans would agree that the characters (one in particular) turned out to be less than average human beings 10 years down the road. This article summed up my thoughts completely.
  2. The Williamson clan reunited for Thanksgiving last week, and man, was it fun. Always a treat to have my very favorite people in town.
  3. I think everyone should pick up the hobby of running. I swear it keeps me sane, and here is an article that may prove my point.
  4. Have I mentioned how much I love my job? Sometimes I just laugh when I realize I’m literally paid to be friends with the coolest people ever. Hanging out with students this past week was definitely one of my favorite things…
  5. My sister Sarah stayed in Dallas for a few days after Thanksgiving, and time with her was such a gift. Bless her soul, she definitely witnessed one of my worst days I’ve had in a while. At one point in that day, I came home to my apartment, laid down on my living room floor, and said, “WHY IS LIFE SO HARD?” Sarah, being the trooper that she is, helped to fix the pathetic Kat situation by treating me to Tex-Mex and good conversation. Sometimes you just need your sister to (quite literally) pick you up on your feet again. Thankful for you, Sarah!

Alright, I’m off to have a mind-clearing run. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

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Friday Favorites on a Sunday Night.

Well, it’s a Sunday. But we’re going to do a round of “Friday” favorites, because why the heck not.

Here’s what I’m loving as of late….

  1. Last weekend I attended my dear friend Emily’s wedding in Annapolis, Maryland. Emily is a woman of grace and integrity, and I’m proud to call her my friend. It was a true joy to stand beside her as she married her man, Jeff.
    We flew into Baltimore—one of my new favorite cities. I tell you, I’m completely smitten with that place.
    When in Baltimore, do as the locals do and cheer for the Ravens. #GoJoe
    Call me a southern wimp, but that night at the game was downright frigid.


    While in Baltimore, my pal Kara and I stayed at the coolest Airbnb—a supa sweet row house.


    Oh, and just so happened it had a rooftop deck. SCORE!
    I think it’s safe to say that Kara and I could get used to the rooftop life.

    Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

    And this was the moment I thought to myself why in the world do I live in Dallas? Moral of the story: Maryland is gorgeous.
    We headed to Annapolis on Friday for the rehearsal dinner. 
    Em and her maids.
    The beautiful and historic St. Mary’s Cathedral where Emily + Jeff were married.


    The venue could not have been prettier.


    And finally, the weekend ended with a spur of the moment trip to DC/Virginia. Oh HEY, White House!
    Fun fact: my friend Sarah and I met a Secret Service guy while walking around DC. Never have I felt more cool than when walking around with him. Never.

    Ok, I just have to brag on the girl in this picture. This is my best friend Sarah and she is a refreshing and steady presence in my life. It never fails that I feel encouraged and loved after conversations with her. Sarah, you’re a good, good gift in my life. Thank you for being my friend!
  2. Oh, how I loved this article. Numbers 3, 22, 23, and 31 are my favorites.
  3. A few friends and I celebrated “Friendsgiving” this past Friday night. Is there anything sweeter than celebrating the gift of friendship? I say no.

All the best this thanksgiving week,

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Friday Favorites.

Praise the good Lord, we made it to Friday.



Ever had one of those weeks where everything just feels hard? That’s how my week has been—good, but exhausting. Thankfully, this weekend is fairly laid-back for me. Hoping for a restful weekend for you as well!

Let’s jump into some favorites, shall we?

  1. Have you seen these illustrations of “real love” before? I’m such a fan of the sweet images—especially these three…
  2. This past weekend was full of Halloween parties. These two ladies were my party dates…

    Funny story. While in an Uber to one of the Halloween parties, we saw this ridiculously decorated house. Our Uber driver stopped the car and said, “Get out. We’re taking pictures.” So we did.
  3. I’m normally not one to brag, but this news is too good to keep to myself: I, Kat Williamson, am a CHILI COOK-OFF CHAMPION. I shall be basking in this win for as long as possible because, let’s be honest, it’s unlikely I’ll ever win a cooking competition again. Not sure how I did it, but let it be known that I am the chili queen at Park Cities Presbyterian Church and darn proud of it. Oh, and my chili’s name was “A Chileague of its Own.”

    My award winning white chicken chili in all its glory.
  4. Well, folks, daylight savings time is upon us. Boo. I’m all about the extra hour of sleep on Sunday, but not as excited about losing the sunshine in my day.

Have a wonderful, restful weekend. This chili queen sure will.

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Friday Favorites.


Hi, and happy Friday.

Let’s dive into some favorites from this week, shall we?

  1. I get a bad rap at work for being the resident “girly girl” in the office. At first I was super offended by that title because I’ve always associated girly with high maintenance—which I’m not! But I’ve begun to come to terms with it, because HECK, there are worse things to be, am I right? That being said, I often subconsciously downplay my love for girly things among peers, but then I see something like the trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and I lose all cool. I cannot lie, I cried a little the first time I watched it.
    Sometimes you just have to lean in to your God-given personality…and mine is apparently one that is girly + emotionally driven when watching trailers for cheesy and beloved television shows.
  2. I took the plunge and bought a new plant yesterday.
    treeHere’s to hoping this little guy does better than my last plant (who lasted a grand total of 4 months under my care).
  3. A sad, but important article for female runners.
  4. Check out the home tour of our favorite Laguna Beach resident. Her space is lovely and relaxed, plus I think she’s just cool. Loved the quote: “I think people tend to feel married to the first career decision they’ve made and they feel stuck with it, and I think it’s okay to say, You know what? That’s not for me—I’m going to try something else.”

Alrighty, that’s it for me. I’m off to find a halloween costume that’s fun yet suitable for a 27 year old woman (more challenging than it sounds).

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