Songs to Love from People I Love.


Sometimes there’s just nuthin like a love song, am I right?

A few years ago I came up with a list of my very favorite love songs (as well as some of the saddest) …and ya know what? I think I’d stand behind that list to this day. When it comes to giving me all the feels, nothing hits the spot like Love Me Tender or The Luckiest. 

In the spirit of Valentines Day, I decided to ask some people in my life to share their favorite love songs and give a little explanation why. So here you go: songs to love from people I love…

Sarah, 31, sister + big fan of classic movies

Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder

“My first thought was Signed, Sealed, Delivered, but I was looking at the lyrics and realized that the song is…mmm…probably about a guy asking for his girl to take him back? Still, it’s a song that’s technically about love and it’s one of my faves.”

Claire, 15, high schooler + most likely to be a famous fashion blogger one day

Speechless by Dan + Shay

“It makes you feel so happy and it describes a good, wholesome, happy relationship. It really makes you want to be in love.”

Creighton, 32, boyfriend + collector of fun socks

What Do You Say to That by George Strait

“To start, the melody and chord progression is the very sound of romance. In the lyrics our narrator is understanding the depth of his love. The story told in the lyrics depict the narrator having a realization of that depth for the first time, and recognizing not only the distinction, but the uniqueness of it, then turning to the object of his affection, to ask with anticipation and a smile, the line: What do you say to that?”

Katie, 14, middle schooler + lover of PetLand

Love Story by Taylor Swift

“It’s so fun to sing to.”

Derek, 27, co-worker + podcast extraordinaire

Refuge by John Legend

“I like that it talks about how your girl is a refuge when you’re going through stuff.”

Shiloe, 24, friend + fellow Bachelor fan

Alps by Novo Armoire

“I walked down the aisle to this song. It’s the prettiest song in the world.”

Happy Valentines Day, friends!

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Weekly Rundown.


Ready or not, 2018 is here.

…and personally, I think I’m ready. No offense to 2017, but I think we all could use a fresh start.

Though I’m usually all about new year resolutions, I’m taking it easy on myself this go-around. No resolutions; just a general attempt to do my best in 2018 (…and drink more water, because that will forever be an unattained goal of mine).

Anyhow, here’s what’s been going on recently.

  1. A good time was had by all this Christmas in Little Rock, Arkansas. Becca and Matt stayed in Houston with the in-laws and Sarah was only able to stick around for a few days, so the holiday this year included a lot of Mom/Dad/Kat bonding time, and it was bliss!

    Another year; another self-timer Christmas Eve photo.
  2. If I’ve learned anything in the past few years it’s that December doesn’t just equate to Christmas season; it also equals engagement season. This past Saturday, my dear, wonderful friend Shiloe got engaged to her boyfriend Chris. It was such a joy-filled day and I actually got to play a small role in their proposal—how fun is that? Shiloe + Chris are the coolest, most God-glorifying people, and I can’t wait for them to marry this summer!

    Sorry for the blur. This was a really cheesy boomerang turned screenshot and the quality is sub-par at best.
  3. I already know that 2018 will be pretty great due to these two simple words: ROYAL WEDDING. Anticipating the wedding coverage, the sure-to-be gorgeous gown, and little George as a ring bearer (are ring bearers a thing in royal weddings?) makes my heart all aflutter! One of my favorite stories to come out of the Harry/Megan marriage annoucement was this hilarious montage that bid farewell to Harry’s “third wheel” lifestyle. See below for further explanation.
  4. And finally, the week before Christmas I made the trek out to Argyle, TX to see my Grandparent’s house. Though they’ve both passed, I still like to drive past the sweet home on Brush Creek Road for some good ol’ nostalgia from time to time. It’s funny, what I truly loved about that place were the people who lived there, and yet, sometimes it feels like I miss their house like I miss an old friend.
    IMG_6407Ok, time for me to run. Happy first weekend of 2018!

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Weekly Rundown.

Happy advent season, friends!


As you may have heard, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

But, if you’re anything like me, it’s also kind of a strange time of year. December is a month where my work life and personal life pull a 180—all of a sudden, I don’t have enough to do at work and wayyyy too much going on in my social life. As a kid who thrives with a routine, this throws me off every. single. year.

So this weekend, I’m pulling back and practicing that New Year Resolution/Mantra I came up with back in January: I’m not too good for it, but I am too old for it. (And by “pulling back,” I mean I’m skipping one of the three Christmas parties I was supposed to go to this weekend. Baby steps, y’all.)

Anyhow, let’s move on to some updates, shall we?

1. You may remember that I recently moved into a Lakewood back-house with my friend, Christen. Well, I’ve been nesting, and part of that process has included building these bookshelves in my new room. Upon looking at the picture below, you may think that the word “building” could easily be swapped for something like “installing,” but I assure you a lot of sanding, painting, measuring, and drilling went into creating these babies, so I stand by the statement that I built something. And for the very un-handy Kat Williamson, that is an impressive feat.31B48641-1691-4E53-A836-2ADE2B92D620

2. While the shelves may be nice, the best thing about my new home is definitely its proximity to White Rock Lake. Runs around this place are spoiling me rotten.IMG_6211

3. Tis the season to ring bells with the Salvation Army. In all honesty, it can be easy when surrounded by friends to forget why you’re ringing in the first place, but then ads like this one stop you in your tracks. I’m so thankful that I’m not in need this holiday season, and having the opportunity to help those in need—even if it is simply by standing outside of a Starbucks and collecting some dollars—is such an honor.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by ringing loud for all to hear… (sorry, I had to)

4. Let me tell you: with sisters like mine, there’s a lot to be proud of. I feel like I’m constantly highlighting some cool event or achievement in their lives on this blog, and today is no exception. Our beloved “middle sister” celebrated her 30th birthday this past Friday, and in my opinion, Sarah represents all the good things in life. She’s a kind, old soul and a true friend. Can’t wait to see what this upcoming decade has in store for your beautiful life, Sarah!0BA4B59A-CDCE-43FB-B8A0-69E4DE945E1B 2.JPG

Oh, and remember how I write my other sister Becca cheesy poems on her birthday? Well, there are birthday traditions for Sarah as well—homegirl gets a birthday playlist every year. (Somewhat awkward/immature birthday traditions are my forté.)

The playlist for the big 3-0 included my all-time favorite songs for my all-time favorite girl. You can check it out here (but please don’t judge me on the dumb playlist title…or the fact that there is a Flo Rida + Justin Bieber song on there).

5. Up until about two months ago, I had every card that I’d ever received in a few really large plastic tubs under my bed. I love receiving cards, notes, …shoot, even just really friendly text messages. Words are my love language.

Anyhow, Target recently up’d it’s card game. They had tons of super cute cards for fairly cheap—definitely worth checking out. Also, Trader Joe’s cards are usually cute + only $.99 (SCORE).blog photosAlrighty, that’s all I’ve got this fine Friday. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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Friday Favorites.

We made it to Friday, and man, I’m tired. 
These days, my life could best be described as packed-full.

I recently took a nannying job on my day off from the church, started another Bible study for a group of middle school girls, created a newsletter for an organization that I volunteer with, and am editing/writing a huge piece of curriculum. I have zero free time…but I’m also having a ball! That’s the best kind of tired, is it not?

I’m trying to find rest where I can in this busy season…but it’s often in unconventional ways, like a 30 minute run or a quick blog post or maybe even a power nap (all hail the power nap). Long gone are the days of a whole day off. #RIPsleep/rest/netflixmarathons

But enough of that, let’s move onto some favorites!

1. A few weeks ago, my dear friend Kristin celebrated her 28th birthday. We toasted to her new year with drinks at Reunion Tower and then ended the night with pizza from Cane Rosso. The night was festive and a little fancy—always a good combination!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

2. Those wonderful Williamson sisters gifted me an art class, and it was so much fun. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was honestly pretty nervous due to my lack of skillz, but it turned out to be a delightful two hours. And Oil and Cotton, the art store where the class was held, was simply the coolest.
img_6939Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

3. Every Monday night, I babysit one of my favorite 5th graders. We have a tradition of grabbing dinner at Pei Wei and eating allllllll the fortune cookies until we get a prediction we like. I think I was like 4 cookies in when I got this fortune and decided to call it a day.

Well, OK!

That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy your weekend!

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Friday Favorites.

Well wouldn’t you know, it’s Friday again.


And what a beautiful Friday it is! Sunny and 75? I’ll take it.

Here are some favorites from this week…

  1. This past weekend, we loaded up three vans worth of students and headed to Pine Cove to serve with their work crew. For those who don’t know, I worked at Pine Cove for a few summers in college and absolutely loved it (see evidence below).
    19 year old Kat + child using my face as her personal canvas

    I am a camp person through-and-through and it was such a joy to be back in a place that is so near to my heart.

    pine cove.JPG
    27-year-old Kat. No face paint in sight.

    Also, while there I got to see one of my very favorite camp friends, Delaine! We met as camp counselors back in the ol’ college days, and now her husband Justin works full-time for Pine Cove as a conference coordinator. Delaine dropped by for a few hours to hang out and it was such a treat to see her!

  2. This is such a silly favorite, but yesterday morning I realized I was out of coffee so I walked over to Trader Joe’s (fun fact: one of the reasons I decided to rent my apartment was because it was in walking distance of TJ’s) and grabbed my favorite coffee, which is usually $7.99. But, when the cashier rang it up it was $0.01. Obviously, a mistake, right? Wrong. The manager said it was a seasonal blend so they were just trying to get rid of it. Needless to say, I went back and stocked up for the year. And what did it cost me? A mere 20 cents.
  3. And finally, a tweet that made me laugh this week: “The newest female one-upping is how many days you’ve gone since washing your hair.” Ain’t that the truth.

Peace out, girl scouts!

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