Year Two.

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Shoutout to my oh-so-talented friend Shiloe for taking this picture (where both my hair and apartment look nicer than normal).

Fun fact. Sophomore year of college was my least favorite collegiate year. It wasn’t that it was zero fun, but the newness of college had worn off, and when it left, so did some of the enchantment. We’ll just say that there’s a reason the phrase “sophomore slump” was coined.

That being said, I look back on that year fondly. It was Sophomore year when I declared a major, became involved in organizations that shaped my college experience, and developed deep and lasting friendships.


Today I celebrate my 2 year anniversary in Dallas.

In ways, my 2nd year in Dallas can relate to that sophomore year of college. Year one in Dallas was just wild. It was fun and unexpected and so, so sweet. And this year? Well, it was one where the dust settled a bit and suddenly I had the time and space to think. What did I want my life to look like in Dallas? Who did I want to spend time with? Where did I want to serve and grow?

It was a year where I learned a lot.

  • I learned the joys of contentment
  • I learned that it’s OK to make new “10 year dreams” (and not to feel like less-than because my former “10 year dreams” didn’t happen)
  • I learned that assertiveness and kindness are not mutually exclusive
  • I learned the beauty of carrying burdens + keeping confidences for my friends
  • I learned better how to be a good friend to guys
  • I learned how to love other people’s children
  • I learned that there’s nothing wrong with living in the moment…but there’s also nothing wrong with knowing when it’s time to go home + go to bed

The Lord has been so faithful throughout my Dallas journey. I can’t help but think of King David’s words in 2 Samuel 7: “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that you have brought me thus far?” My sentiments exactly.


So to carry on the tradition from last year, here are some of my favorite places and moments from this 2nd year in Dallas:

Favorite coffee shop: Royal Blue.

Royal Blue may be considered to many as the gathering place for Highland Park moms and fashion bloggers galore, but I promise if you give RB a chance, you’ll see that it’s actually a friendly, welcoming spot. I’m always in a better mood when I leave this place.

Favorite drive: White Rock on a dark night with a bright moon. Windows down. Radio up.


Favorite take-out: Thai Thai.

Listen, I realize that Thai Thai isn’t much to behold, but the food far surpasses the ambiance at my favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

Favorite “my friend is in town and I want to take her someplace cool” spot: Bishop Arts.

Want to impress a friend with your city? Take him to Bishop Arts and pretend that Dallas is a Stars Hollow-type small town. Here is the perfect Bishop Arts night: 1) Enjoy pizza at Enos or Mussels at Oddfellows. Both are delicious and perfect date/occasion spots. 2) Walk around for a while after your meal and glance at the neat little stores along the main strip. Even if you don’t buy anything, the shops are adorable and the streets are lined with strands of twinkle lights. 3) End the night with a slice of apple pie from Emporium or a nightcap from Wild Detectives (or both….that’s definitely allowed).

Favorite “group dinner” spot: Canne Rosso


Canne Rosso has to be the place that my friends and I frequent the most. It’s a great atmosphere for both parties of 2 and 20, plus the pizza just can’t be beat. (Try the honey bastard pizza when you go. If you can get past the slightly offensive name, it is so, so good.)

Favorite moment in Dallas this year: Without a doubt, being a member of my church is my favorite thing about Dallas. What’s funny is that my favorite moment closely reflects my answer to this question from last year. I still love walking through my church and seeing people of all ages who have shown me glimpses of my Heavenly Father.

Favorite song during year 2 of Dallas: I have two. One is “God’s Highway” by Sandra McCracken; the other is “Angela” by The Lumineers.

Currently listening to “God’s Highway” by Sandra McCracken


It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from 2017 at this point in the ball game.


2016 has been a very diverse year for me. Part drama, part comedy, a little tragedy, a whole lotta change and some surprising consistency. Overall, I’ve come out of 2016 with some good lessons and memories in my back pocket.

Here are some highlights.



Cousin Emma made it to state in…Ag? FFA? Something like that. I went to see her and my farming ignorance gave everyone a good laugh throughout the night. Still, I was super impressed by this cool cousin of mine!



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My goofy, lovable Nebraska besties came to visit the Big D in May. Twas a highlight of my year for sure (particularly the moment when Kara partially fell into White Rock Lake).


I got a new job at this wonderful place last May.


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The friend on the right moved to NYC in June. Cool for him; terrible for us.
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Fourth of July. On a boat.


SO MUCH FUN with these students.
Another big thing in the year 2016: babysitting. And dog sitting. And house sitting. And basically just any type of sitting that gave me some extra cash.


Fall was wedding season for me!





2016 was a full, wonderful year. A real year of dreams.

“Who am I, Oh God, and what is my house that You have brought me thus far?”

-1 Chronicles 17:16

Currently listening to “Auld Lang Syne” by Bing Crosby