Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday for the very last time in 2016.


  1. I have no pictures from Christmas, but it was a good time. Love those Williamson’s.
  2. NPR came up with a list of the best books of 2016. My personal favorite read this year was “When Breath Becomes Air.” Beautiful story and beautifully written.
  3. Many moons ago when I was a senior in college, my roommate Bailey and I had a rare Friday night where we opted to stay in sweats and watch a movie over socializing with friends. I distinctly remember us calling it our “unsocial night” (21-year-old Kat would be sad to hear that many of my nights as a 27-year-old could be categorized as “unsocial”…and I live for such nights). Anyhow, we watched “Crazy, Stupid Love” and it was OK—but I remember wishing the entire storyline revolved around Emma Stone + Ryan Gosling’s characters. So naturally, being a fan of the ever-delightful Emma and ever-beautiful Ryan, I was pumped to see the new musical LaLa Land. And you guys, it did not disappoint. I saw LaLa Land, and I loved LaLa Land. The music was amazing, the scenery was beautiful, and Ryan + Emma…I mean, C’MON. I also loved the ending (though I’ve heard some people weren’t fans).
  4. Oh, resolutions. Such good intentions often get thrown in the trash after a few months, huh? Still, I love the idea of bettering one’s self in the new year…of trying harder, being better, doing a little more in the upcoming 365. I found this article interesting, though it mostly revolved around fitness resolutions.
  5. Feel like you might need some good vibes in 2017? Check out this article that highlights lucky foods to eat on NYE.

Happy New Year, friends. Hope 2017 is the best one yet.

Currently listening to “You Got It” by Roy Orbison

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