That one time I worked in marketing.

Last year I packed up my bags and headed West to the Lone Star State (read more about that here, here, and here). And what an adventure it was. I moved with a pocketful of dreams, but no real game plan (great idea in theory; terrifying in execution).

Graciously, my former boss in Nashville allowed me to continue my job remotely as a contract worker, so I had fairly consistent work my first two months in Dallas. In fact, my day-to-day work routine did not change at all with the exception of locale. But by giving up my full-time job and going contract, I also gave up some significant benefits (read: health insurance). Lucky for me, I was 25 at the time and could go back on my parent’s insurance until I turned 26 (thanks Mom and Dad!).

Those first few months in Dallas were equal parts hard and wonderful, as many of the best things in life are. But, with my birthday quickly approaching (reminder: 26 = no more insurance), I decided it was time to do some serious job searching. It felt like I applied for thousands of jobs, and yet, no one was super jazzed about hiring a 25-year-old Bible study editor. Shocker.

I finally got an interview with a company based in Ft. Worth, which was a whopping 45 minutes away with no traffic. I decided to go to the interview “for practice” only.

Fast forward a week. I was running at White Rock Lake and having a very honest conversation with God that basically looked like me questioning if He was really taking care of me. Real talk: I was apartment-less, soon to be job + insurance-less, and had also broken up with a guy the day before. Life felt tough that day. But as I ran, I was reminded of how God had taken care of me thus far. He had completely orchestrated my move to Dallas in beautiful and brilliant ways. He had never let me down. The amount of instant peace that comes with realizing God’s sovereignty is humbling, is it not?

As I walked to my car after my run, I mindlessly checked my email and up popped an offer letter from the company in Ft. Worth. And the projected start date for this position? Oh, that would be the same day my publishing work/insurance was over. God gave me exactly what I needed when I needed it.

That being said, I wasn’t very excited to work in a) marketing; and b) Ft. Worth, but God had given me a job when I needed one…so, I took the position. And you know what’s even better, God knew the job at the church—a dream job of mine—would become available a few months later. This job in marketing was the perfect in-between gig that I needed for that season.

Looking back on my short 6 month career in marketing, I can honestly say it was such a gift. I met some amazing people, learned a thing or two about patience, and also grew professionally. In fact, it was very bittersweet when I realized that my time at that company was coming to a close. I knew God was leading me to take the position at the church, but there were so many good things that had come out of my brief stint in Ft. Worth. In hindsight, I’m just deeply grateful for that short time.

Oh, and just for humor’s sake, I found some notes the other day from my first few weeks on the job. My total ignorance made me laugh, so hopefully it will have the same impact on you…

Day 2: “I have no idea what my job is. I also have no idea what this company that just employed me does.”

Day 4: “I am deathly scared of sales guy Stephen. He’ll probably make an appearance in a bad dream of mine at some point.”

Day 7: “I still have no clue what I’m doing.”

Day 8: “My boss is a tiny, brilliant homeschooler who is way younger than me. I liken her to a Disney animated animal. One of the virtuous ones.”

Day 11: “Joe is the most ‘Joe’ Joe I’ver ever met. His name completely suits him. (P.S. I think Joe is cool.)

Day 11: “The guy in the office who looks like Clark Kent from afar looks even more like Clark Kent up close. Also, there’s a girl here who looks like Luna Lovegood and a guy who looks like Moses in the Prince of Egypt.”

Day 16: “Someone please tell me it’s possible to bounce back after accidentally winking at a male co-worker.”

(That last one still makes me cringe.)

Currently listening to “O Love That Will Not Let Me Go” by Indelible Grace

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